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Pastel Purple Hair Color for Any Occasion

Have you seen a pastel purple hair color in the streets of your city? It’s one of the new trends this season. This shade of purple will be perfectly combined with a bright stylish girl’s cheeky look. And if you opt for more radical changes, also see our bright purple hair ideas.

How To Bleach Your Hair For Pastel Shades

Whatever base you rock needs to get bleached if you want to flaunt with a pastel shade. Of course, lighter primaries such as white or platinum blonde won’t need to go for this process as these hair colors are light enough to meet another light hue. But, in most cases, to achieve a light pastel shade, bleaching is a key step. So for the needed result, you should put all your experiments aside and find a professional colorist.

There are two common ways to bleach your hair: the first one is primarily used by those who bleach their hair at home, and the latter is popular among hairstylists. The first way implies bleaching and coloring hair at once, in a single process, while salon professionals work with the two-process method, where bleaching and coloring steps are brought separately.

Once you get your hair bleached and decide to color it pastel yourself, don’t forget to make a strand test. Applying the dye to the whole mane is a common mistake of newbies that may end up as a disaster: you need to make sure that your hair can get chemically treated. Just apply a small amount of color to a strand and give it a couple of minutes.

What Look Do You Aim To Achieve?

The very first thing you should consider before going for bleaching is the look you want to achieve. Do you want your hair to be partially pastel, get just a couple of pastel strand, or you dream about pastel purple hair color that stretches from roots to tips? Bleaching will take place based on the color you aim to get. Some ladies prefer to start with pastel tips, bleaching their ends only. And if you ask your colorist for some coloring advice, he or she will tell you about such options as ombre, highlights, and balayage that feature partial bleaching.

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