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Perfect Purple Red Hair Ideas To Stay Unique

Purple red hair may be a pretty uncommon suggestion when it comes to modern trends. Nevertheless, it is quite popular. The reason for that lies in its versatility, since it can be a good option for those who want to go as bright as possible and for those who look for just a slight change of the routine purple hair.


Violet Red Purple Hair

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Medium Red Violet Hair picture1

Medium Red Violet Hair picture2
Medium Red Violet Hair picture3

Purple and blue hair is for the dreamers and for the lovers of unknown. We tend to think so because this mixture creates the perfect galaxy hair trend, due to its resemblance to the night sky that hides mysterious universes out there.


Red Purple Bob Haircut

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Red Violet Bob Haircut picture1

Red Violet Bob Haircut picture2
Red Violet Bob Haircut picture3

Light purple hair is not only pretty but also delicate looking. To get there is not that difficult with the help of an experienced stylist, of course. The trick is to learn how to maintain it. The key for your bright color to last longer is to rinse your hair with cool water.

Long Plum Red Purple Hair

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Long Plum Hair picture1

Long Plum Hair picture2
Long Plum Hair picture3

While picking your next color, do not be too lazy to search what shade of purple would complement your eyes and complexion the most. Do not rush into the trend without the proper background!


Red Purple Ideas For Your Hair

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Red Violet Ideas for Your Hair picture1

Red Violet Ideas for Your Hair picture2
Red Violet Ideas for Your Hair picture1

The brown-haired beauties who are scared of commitment shouldn’t be worried at all! All you need is a dark brown plum shade. It is not that different from your natural shade, it just adds up some warmness to your hair.

Amazing Plum Red Purple Hair

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Amazing Plum Hair picture1

Amazing Plum Hair picture2
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Rose-colored hair is on the top of all beauty charts now. Adding some purple undertones will only make you a winner. This combination will suit everyone, despite the eye color, all thanks to the multi-dimensional abilities of this color mixture.


Inspirational Red And Purple Hair

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Inspirational Red Violet Hair picture1

Inspirational Red Violet Hair picture2
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Red violet hair can look spectacular whether you decide to wear it straight and sleek or wavy.

Black To Red Purple Ombre

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Black to Purple Red Ombre picture1

Black to Purple Red Ombre picture2
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Ombre has remained popular for a while now, and you can totally sport it with purple red.

Beautiful Orchid Red Purple Hair

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Beautiful Orchid Purple Color picture1

Beautiful Orchid Purple Color picture2
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Orchid purple is not a shade for those of you who are afraid of attention. Once you go down that road, be aware that you won’t pass unnoticed. Who can resist at least casting a glance at something as juicy and vibrant as that!?

Purple With A Pink Tint

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Purple with a Pink Tint picture1

Purple with a Pink Tint picture2
Purple with a Pink Tint picture3

Those of you who prefer brighter shades can always opt for something more pinkish. But do not forget about adding few purple strands. That is what makes your hair look special!

Red Purple Hair With Pink Ombre

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Red Purple Hair With Pink Ombre Orange #redpurplehair #purplehair
Red Purple Hair With Pink Ombre Black #redpurplehair #purplehair
Red Purple Hair With Pink Ombre Lavender #redpurplehair #purplehair

Even though red-purple hair is doomed to be in the spotlight 24/7, for some girls, this effect is not enough to satisfy their inner experimenters! You can individualize your unique and bright color by adding some streaks of a light, vibrant shade or even spice up your look with matching ombre colors to make your look truly big.

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