By: | Updated: 01/27/2019

Getting A Topsy Tail Has Never Been Easier!

A topsy tail that you can rock for any occasion, who could ask for more? You may remember this girly ponytail hairstyle from your carefree childhood, when your mom brushed your lovely locks, creating a fascinating pony with twists and lifts. Well, though you’re a big girl now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sport such a hairdo. Moreover, there are so many hairstyles that you can create with topsy tails that it seems they’ve been growing up with you.

Those who think that they have two left hands can breathe a sigh of relief: each of our tutorials is here to make your styling life more diverse, and, most importantly, easier. See how you can mix some classic and familiar hairstyles to give birth to new creative ones. Follow these steps to prove to everyone that ponytails aren’t boring at all!

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