You don’t need to go deep into the Instagram feed to see how the brand new knotless braids outshine popular natural hairstyles. And that begs at least two questions: what are they and why have they become so huge with the girls of color?


There are a couple of reasons why more and more women from the natural-hair community switch from crochets and box styles to this new trend. In fact, you will also call this style a game-changer once you get to know it better, so dive in!

What Are Knotless Braids?

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As you might have guessed by its appearance, it’s a new type of good old box braids. And, as the name suggests, this technique doesn’t feature those little knots that sit on the scalp because of the synthetic locks added. The knotless technique is pretty simple though: a braider feeds in the braiding hair to the natural mane in small pieces. Unlike box braids, the knotless alternative lies flat against the scalp, and therefore feels lighter, causing less tension.


Are Knotless Braids Better?

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Let us just show you 5 reasons why many women of color opt for knotless box braids, so you will tell us if they’re better or not!

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  1. Less pain and tension. Since knotless box styles don’t involve the knots sticking out, there’s less tension in the scalp. Even though most protective styles are meant to actually protect the hair, they may still cause irritation and itchiness after a certain amount of time. Plus, it’s no secret that undoing those tight knots is a pretty painful aspect!
  2. Better styling. If someone told us that natural braids could become even more flexible, we wouldn’t believe a word a few weeks ago! Still, that’s true with the knotless trend. These braids feel light and hence go easy with any style. You can instantly switch from one style to another, forgetting about the weight of the style.
  3. Even healthier hair. Let’s not forget that natural braids are not only a way of self-expression of African American goddesses but they’re also meant to keep natural hair healthy. Well, with the lightweight texture of the style, it’s like an extra glass of water and breathe of fresh air for your hair.
  4. A truly protective style. Compared to traditional protective hairstyles, knotless box braids use a lot less hair. All in all, you only feel the weight of your own locks so you’re basically saving your hair. On top of that, this style is way more low-maintenance, which is a win for busy ladies who want to keep things fab and comfy.
  5. A fresh take at the popular styles. Last but not least, the knotless style looks pretty much familiar while still feeling fresh and brand new. This style re-imagines the idea of protective hairstyles in a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing way.

How do you do knotless braids?

Even if you’re no stranger to protective styles, it’s always better to know what to expect from a new one. So here’s a great video showing how the most popular protective style of now is done!

Things to know before the appointment

Q: How long do knotless braids take?

A: The amount of time knotless box braids take depends on the length and size, as well as the thickness of your hair. Similarly to most natural styles, it usually takes from 5 to 9 hours.

Q: How long do they last?

A: Although it takes a certain time commitment, the knotless style can last from 4 to 6 weeks.


How Do I Care For Knotless Box Braids?

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When rocking a protective style, it’s crucial to take the right approach to its maintenance. The braid care routine may raise many questions, so we’d like to share the basics answering the most popular ones.

Q: How do you keep knotless braids fresh?

A: Leave-in conditioners are the musts to keep the braids fresh and scalp moist. Make sure to moisturize your hair 2-3 times a week with sulfate-free, oil-based leave-in treatments.

Q: How do I keep my braids from smelling?

A: If you have oily scalp and feel that your braids start smelling, you can use invisible dry shampoo. Just give your scalp a coat of the product and softly rub it through the hair.

Q: How do you sleep with knotless braids?

A: Wearing a silk scarf before going to bed is another key to keeping your braids fresh every day. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most important care basics for anything from long to medium knotless box braids.

Stylish Options For Girls With Knotless Braids

From ombre half-up with angular sections and sophisticated high buns to side-swept knotless crochet braids and defined looks, you are free to experiment with tons of styles with your weightless gorgeous braids.


Traditional Knotless Box Braids

With knotless box braids, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. The traditional version of the hairstyle is bold and edgy on its own. Going for it guarantees that you will be at the center of attention. If you are worried that you will be limited in styling options, don’t be. There are plenty of ways how you can pull off box knotless braids.


Knotless Braids Half Updo Style

Like with any other long hairstyle, you can get a bit tired of your ombre knotless braids. So that you do not have to take them out immediately, which you may regret afterward, try to put them into a half updo. In this way, you will kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you will take the hair away from your face, thus showing off your gorgeous features. On the other hand, you will still keep the braids on display. This look comes out especially good if you add a bold color to it. Go for red knotless braids, which will appear striking against your natural hair color.

Knotless Criss-Cross Locs

To take your knotless braids up a notch, you can play around with their size, number or braiding style. Thus, you can never go wrong with criss cross knotless braids. They instantly draw attention to their unique pattern on the head and take your hairstyle to the center stage. Of course, you will need to find a really skillful braider to help you create this look. But you may rest assured that all the effort will pay you off with millions of compliments you are going to rake in.


Large Jumbo Knotless Braids

If you do not feel like spending the whole day in the beautician's chair, big knotless braids are your way out. They also look stylish and trendy, yet require much less time to create. The variety of styles is quite sheer so everyone will be able to match a look to their preferences. For those who cannot decide what braids to choose, bulky jumbo knotless braids are always a good idea.

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Jumbo Bohemian Knotless and Spirals

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Take your large knotless braids to a whole new level of beauty by opting for jumbo bohemian knotless braids adorned with spirals. This hairstyle is far from effortless, so it will take quite some time to achieve the desired result. However, it is totally worth it, as your hair look will make heads turn and jaws drop. To accentuate it, you can ask your braider to weave in some colorful strands.

Coileray Knotless Style

Medium knotless braids offer you the golden mean between large jumbo braids and knotless micro braids. They are relatively easy to get, while still looking elaborate and classy. Pairing knotless braids with curls results in a stylish and fashionable Coi Leray hairstyle. For an added emphasis, you can embellish your smedium knotless braids with beads, gems, or other hair accessories.

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Knotless into Updos

An easy way to elevate your knotless braid hairstyle is to turn it into an updo. Not only does it open up your face but it also stops the hair from getting in your way, which can sometimes be really annoying. Besides, this hairstyle looks chic and sophisticated. So, you can wear it to almost any event, even moderately formal. Yet, it seems equally appropriate with a casual outfit, which makes this hairstyle incredibly versatile.

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Tiny Small Knotless Style

Small knotless braids are one of the most awe inspiring braided hairstyles existing. At a quick glance, you realize how much work has been done, which evokes nothing but admiration. If you venture out for this painstaking hairstyle, you need to be ready to devote the whole day to it. To nail it, you should ideally have a full head of hair. In case your tresses lack density, you may want to incorporate braiding hair. Another way to create an impression of a fuller mane is to get blonde knotless braids, which are less exposing but as daring as other micro knotless braids.

Extra Long Knotless Braided Style

Those who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd will definitely love an extremely long knotless braid style. In case your natural hair is not long enough, you can always resort to hair extensions. In addition to elongating your strands, they allow you to introduce a different hair color to your look. As such, burgundy knotless braids are so on-trend at the moment that you are bound to try them on. Optionally, you can complement knotless braids with curly ends or adorn your extended knotless braids with beads.

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Knotless Box Braids With Colorful Extensions

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Triangle Knotless Box Braids

Knotless braids are the revolution in the world of natural hairstyles that have made a protective style even healthier and more beautiful. Now that we all know why so many women are crazy about the trend, it’s safe to say it: the future is knotless!

FAQ: Knotless Braids

Do knotless braids last longer?

Knotless braids have the ability to last longer for rougher textures with tighter curls, lasting up to 3 months. However, they may not stay as long on silkier textures with loose curl patterns.

What is the point of knotless braids?

When done correctly, the knotless approach prevents traction alopecia, which is a kind of hair loss for people who wear braids that are put too tight with huge knots. This approach takes a little longer to set up, but it’s worth the beauty and the health of your hair.

Are knotless braids heavy?

Knotless braids are not too heavy, and they are not too thick. They are simply flat and lie down in that manner. So, you won’t feel like you have too many braids on your head. Knotless braids are ideal for busy ladies who want to protect their natural tresses, as well as for those looking for a low-maintenance holiday hairstyle.

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