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1. Ballerina Buns

Source: xenia_stylist via Instagram

Ballerina Buns

They aren’t just for ballerinas. And yes, they may seem childish if they are pulled up tightly. But a modern style ballerina bun at the nape of the neck with soft wispy waves is quite elegant and chic.

2. Chic Chignon

Source: Emmachenartistry via Instagram

Chic Chignon

This style is perfect for mid-length hair as it adds a great deal of volume. And a chignon roll is so easy to do if you are short of time. Besides, it always looks sophisticated no matter what the occasion.

3. Updo With Loose Curls

Source: styles_by_reneemarie via Instagram

Updo with Loose Curls

If you love romantic hairdos from classic Hollywood or Jane Austen films, you will adore this dreamy look. If you wish, you can adorn it with flowers or ribbons to make it appear even more elegant.

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