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What You Need to Know about Auburn Hair Color

An auburn hair color is a variation of a red hair color that is dark ginger or reddish brown. Its shades range from medium and to dark.

Can I sport auburn hair?

Considering that the auburn hair dye includes not only brownish but also reddish hues, not everyone can pull off such shades. To help you figure out if red hair shades are for you, read these points and check if something can be applied to you. In case you score 2 points, then you can definitely start observing the auburn shades of red hair color chart in order to pick one for you.

1. Your complexion involves some pinkish hues. Professional colorists point out that every woman can find the right red hair dye for her. However, they also notice that pinkish and cool complexions look best against various shades of red hair. Alternatively, a woman whose complexion is olive or golden will have a difficulty in sporting red hair color shades.

2. You are not scared of attention. Color specialists view light as well as bright red hair dye as something attention-grabbing disregarding the hue. So, a colored or natural red hair girl will catch stares wherever she goes. And if this will bother her, then red is not for her as her hair will walk into any room even before she does, like a gown in sequins.

3. The condition of the hair is quite good. The natural red hair dye involves small color molecules that are supposed to stick to hair. But if the hair is damaged or too dry, this attachment is unlikely to happen. All shades of red color chart are available for only those women who care for their manes. And this care consists of deep conditioning every week, getting regular trims, not heat-styling every single day.

So, do you score at least 2 points? Then congrats, natural red hair shades are likely to flatter you. Check out the most complimenting and popular red hair color samples to get ready for a change.

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