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Classic Auburn Hair Color

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Among all shades of natural red hair, why go for auburn?
1. It is sophisticated brown-red. Ruddy hues grant much dimension to brown. Such a combo is believed to compliment complexions with warm as well as cool undertones.
2. Auburn makes highlights truly stand out. The combo of a light auburn hair color with highlights is foolproof. Having both cool and warm tones, both light and dark auburn hair color is capable of flattering both ashes and golds.
3. Auburn red hair allows you to wear little to no makeup and still look gorgeous. Being quite vivid, auburn will warm up even the fairest complexion. All you need to add is a coat of mascara and some lip balm and voila, who is the queen now?
4. Auburn hair looks awesome when curled. Its lightness lets it show off all nuances in the texture, while its darkness can conceal any damage or dryness.
5. The auburn color will always make you stand out. Yes, even when you wear your dull casual clothes, your hair will stay eye-catching. Sold!

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