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Blonde Platinum Hair: Embrace Hollywood Glam

A platinum hair color is literally the lightest among all the other blonde hues. The great news is that such hair shades will compliment any eye color and fair to medium complexion. Plus, you can opt for platinum disregarding your age (the shades are quite mild) and hair length.

And in case you still wonder why it has remained popular for so much time, just think about it. Platinum shades are reminiscent of that so epic Hollywood glam. Yet, there is something laidback about it, barely noticeable but present. Which makes these hair hues more versatile than they may seem. And the more versatile, the more flattering and, therefore, more popular.

But what is difficult about going platinum? First of all, hair damage. You can’t get a platinum shade unless you bleach and tone, and maybe even dye your tresses. So, it will be a commitment. Once you make your tresses undergo all of that, you won’t wish to get another color next month, believe us. Or, someone might become bald. Just kidding but really, don’t torture your hair. If you do experiment and bleach it down to platinum, just stick to the color for some time and care for your damaged tresses intensively.

The process of going platinum involves several stages. After bleaching, you will need to get rid of yellow undertones. To do that, you should use special toner or purple shampoo. In severe cases, blue or purple dye will be required, too. Only then you will dye the tresses to get the hue you wish. And if your current color is not fair, it may take you up to half a year to turn platinum blonde. So, be patient and interchange dye jobs with deep treatments. But even though the process is complicated, once you get there, your hair will appear just perfect!

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