Kushneet Kukreja

Kushneet Kukreja is highly savvy about various creative ways to style your locks. In addition to monitoring what's in fashion in the beauty industry these days, she analyzes the past tendencies and thus predicts future trends. That said, we couldn’t be happier when Kushneet kindly agreed to educate our readers on the mainstream hairstyles and haircuts, latest coloring techniques and the like through her informative articles.

Best Men’s Hairstyles to Look Super Hot

90 Best Men’s Hairstyles To Look Super Hot

Mens hairstyles have a greater role than you may think. The style you wear tells a lot about your personality, think carefully before picking one! Personality is inherited from hairstyle, so making it match your inner-self is crucial. In the modern world, a man’s hairstyle is a calling card that tells everything about the wearer. Here, we’ve collected the latest styling ideas for all hair types, lengths, textures, and images. Find your style in the variety!