By: | Updated: 08/20/2019

For Women With Natural Hair, A Frohawk Is A Must!

The frohawk hairstyle is the Friday that your natural hair has been waiting for the whole week. Once your fresh and luscious twist out gets less defined, this afro masterpiece comes in to say “ the show must go on!.” Even though it’s not a style you would wear to work, it’s a real ace in the hole when a date or a party is knocking at the door.

The edgy, a little bit punky, and fun hairstyle can come in countless different variations: your afro ‘do can feature anything from braided to sleek, well-gelled sides. And today, we’d like to focus on the basics. With these tutorials, rocking a unique curly frohawk will be a breeze!

Main photo by Alex_haircraft

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