Amanda Harsche

Hairstylist and International Educator
EXPERTISE: Vivid Hair Colors, Blonds and Haircuts
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Amanda Harsche, a Denver, Colorado-based hairstylist, has distinguished herself as an international educator and platform artist, with an extensive record of educating across stages and classrooms around the globe. Amanda's expertise extends deeply into the realm of hair styling, where she operates full-time behind the chair, specializing in creating stunning transformations with blondes, fashion colors, and precision cuts.
Amanda's approach to hair styling is truly artistic. She excels in utilizing leftover tones in hair, transforming them into new looks or neutralizing them to prepare a perfect canvas for further work. Her expertise in customizing formulations, simplifying placement, and employing tricks to minimize product waste demonstrates her commitment to both artistry and sustainability in hairstyling.
Her signature styling techniques involve bold textures and intricate braids, capturing the attention of both clients and peers in the industry. Amanda is also the creator of "Hair and Canvas," a class that reflects her innovative approach to hair as an art form, merging technical skill with creative expression.

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