EXPERTISE: Haircutting Specialist
LIVES IN: California, United States
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Andrew is an International Educator, Author, and Owner of ADH Brand products.
Andrew, a visionary hairstylist, embarked on his journey in the hair industry in 2003. His career began with a strong foundation, attending cosmetology school where he mastered the art of hair cutting and styling. Over the years, Andrew has carved out a niche for himself, particularly excelling in short hair styling—a testament to his precision and creative flair.
In 2011, Andrew's passion for hair led him to create his own hair product. This endeavor not only showcased his commitment to quality and innovation but also deepened his understanding of hair care, allowing him to offer something truly unique to his clients and the broader hairstyling community.
Andrew's presence on Instagram since 2013 has transformed from a platform for showcasing his work to a space for connection and education. Through social media, he has been able to reach a wider audience, sharing his expert tips and the latest in hairstyling trends. His engaging content quickly caught the eye of many, opening doors to numerous opportunities to travel and teach. As a speaker at various seminars, Andrew inspires other stylists with his journey and expertise, emphasizing the importance of continual learning and passion for the craft.

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