Eric Hagberg

Influencer, Model
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Eric Hagberg is not just another face in the crowd. Born on August 15, 1994, in Kristianstad, Sweden, Eric has carved a unique path as a model, therapist, and influencer in the fashion and entertainment industry. Signed with Front Management in Miami and Mikas in Stockholm, Eric's striking looks and charismatic presence have not only graced runways and photo shoots but also captivated over 200,000 followers on Instagram. His social media platforms are a testament to his influence and popularity, showcasing his journey, lifestyle, and the occasional glimpse behind the scenes of his glamorous profession.
Eric's career combines glamour and travel, allowing him to meet and work alongside notable personalities, including the celebrated pop singer Mans Zelmerlow. This has not only enriched his experience in the industry but also expanded his network, making him a familiar face among celebrities.
But Eric is more than just a model; he's a storyteller and a therapist, offering insights into a world where beauty and mental health intersect. His diverse career path highlights his versatility and commitment to making a positive impact through his visual art and his advocacy for mental well-being.
As Eric continues to travel the world, from the catwalks of Stockholm to the vibrant streets of Miami, he carries with him a sense of purpose and a desire to inspire. Whether through a captivating Instagram post or his work in mental health advocacy, Eric Hagberg is truly a renaissance man of our times, bridging the gap between outer beauty and inner wellness.

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