EXPERTISE: Trichology, Afro Curly Hair Expert
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Gege Uboma is an esteemed hair coach and stylist with over a decade of experience working with clients of diverse hair types. Specializing in Afro curly hair, Gege's exceptional expertise lies in styling, maintaining, and nurturing natural Afro curly hair. Holding various qualifications and certifications in hair styling, including a degree in Cosmetology from a prestigious beauty school, Gege is well-versed in an array of techniques such as weaves, braids, twists, crochet, and other protective styles tailored specifically for Afro curly hair. Renowned for her remarkable skill set, Gege has garnered a notable reputation as a sought-after coach and stylist, having catered to a wide range of clients ranging from everyday individuals to renowned celebrities and models. Gege's unwavering dedication revolves around assisting clients in achieving their unique hair goals by delivering personalized solutions that cater to their individual needs. Her passion for her craft shines through in her commitment to ongoing education, training, and most importantly, empowering clients by instilling confidence and self-esteem through their hair. With her unparalleled expertise and extensive experience, Gege stands as a trusted and respected figure within the Afro curly hair community.

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