LIVES IN: Sydney, Rose Bay
EDUCATION: Master of Applied Science and Statistics, Hair Extensions Specialist, Hair Treatment Specialist
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Natalia Ulitsky stands out as a distinguished hair extension specialist based in Sydney, renowned for her expertise in enhancing both women's and men's hairstyles. With a passion that was born out of personal adversity—losing much of her hair and its quality after battling meningitis in 2008—Natalia embarked on a journey to reclaim her own hair's beauty. This quest led her to explore various hair treatments, including hair extensions, keratin, and botox, laying the foundation for her future career.
Having transitioned from her initial experiences in Ukraine to becoming a sought-after specialist, Natalia has impressively executed over 3,500 hair extensions over a seven-year period. Her commitment to her craft saw her moving to independent practice in her studio, where she now leads a small team with two assistants and has plans to expand her impact by training new specialists.
Natalia's studio is a testament to her holistic approach to client service, offering a comfortable environment where clients can relax, work, or entertain themselves during their appointments.

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