EXPERTISE: Haircutting Specialist
LIVES IN: Newcastle, England
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Tom Baxter's hairstyling journey began as a teenager, quickly rising from a passionate novice to a master of hair artistry. His early decision to share hair tutorials on platforms like YouTube and Instagram not only showcased his skill but also carved a path for him as an influential voice in hairstyling. Through his engaging tutorials and stunning transformations, Tom built a robust online following, becoming a beacon for both aspiring stylists and style enthusiasts.
Tom's prowess and flair did not go unnoticed. His dedication and talent led him to achieve the prestigious title of the first British master hairdresser in the North East, setting a benchmark for excellence in the region. This accolade is a testament to his profound understanding of hairdressing, his technical skills, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of style and technique.
Beyond the accolades, Tom has also been the stylist of choice for notable figures. His celebrity clientele includes Gaz Beadle from the reality TV show "Geordie Shore" and players from Newcastle United, enhancing his reputation not just among his peers but also within the glamorous world of celebrity styling. Working with such high-profile clients has allowed Tom to demonstrate his versatility and ability to deliver bespoke styles that stand out both on-screen and on the field.

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