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French Braid High Bun

French Braid High Bun #braids #hairtutorial #updo #bun

Not all the big-day hairstyles are done in salons! Follow these steps to get a chic and elegant updo yourself using a donut and hair extensions.

  1. Take any extensions, clip them to your hair, and tie them off into a high ponytail.
  2. Take off a little section from the pony.
  3. Now, pull the rest of the hair through the donut, making sure that it’s placed at the base right over the elastic.
  4. Spread the hair around the donut.
  5. Split the left-out section.
  6. Pick another new section from the center of the donut right above this small section.
  7. To get three pieces for the braid, divide the top piece into two. Now you have three strands: one from under the donut and two from the top.
  8. Start doing a French braid: cross the top strand over the center, then the bottom strand over the center, doing a stitch of a regular braid.
  9. Begin bringing in hair from the top of the donut: cross the side strand over the center and pick a new section, crossing it over and incorporating it into the braid.
  10. Don’t add new sections to the bottom strand when you cross it over the center.
  11. Cross the top strand over the center and pick up a new section from the top to bring it into the braid.
  12. Cross the bottom strand over the center, then cross the top, then add a new section and cross it over the center, incorporating it into the top strand.
  13. Go on braiding your hair in this way, repeating the same steps and gradually curving the braid around the donut.
  14. To hide the donut and make the style appear fuller, pull its edges.
  15. Wrap the braid around the bun and tuck its ends underneath.
  16. Secure the bun with bobby pins and finish the style with hairspray.

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

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