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French Milkmaid Braids

French Milkmaid Braids #braids #hairtutorial #updo

Crown braids are the gentle, girly style that can show off your femininity. So why don’t you master it? You’ve got everything you need: your beautiful hair, a couple of pins, and a comprehensive tutorial!

  1. Start by parting your hair wherever you usually part it.
  2. Separate off the top layer of your hair, twist it, and pin it against your head.
  3. Do a parting underneath the pinned portion and divide the hair into two equal sections.
  4. Take a piece of hair near the part on the left side and split it into three strands.
  5. Do a French braid: cross the side strands over the center and bring in new sections into the braid.
  6. Braid your hair to the nape of the neck until all hair of the side is incorporated.
  7. When the first braid is ready, tie it off with an elastic.
  8. Now, create the second French braid on the other side and tie it off, too.
  9. Once both braids are ready, gently pull their edges to add some volume and sense of fullness.
  10. Crisscross the braids at the back of the head, laying one over the other.
  11. Secure each braid with bobby pins and finish the style with a coat of hairspray.

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

Main photo by Emilyrosehannon