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Side French Braid

Side French Braid

How to side French braid? It is not difficult.

  1. Create the deep-right parting.
  2. Pick a hair strand that will frame your face, remove it from your way.
  3. Pick a small hair strand near the parting, make 3 smaller strands out of it.
  4. Start French braiding: take the right piece, cross it over the central piece. Next, take the left piece and cross it over the central piece.
  5. Now it’s time to take the right piece and cross it over the central piece. Add a new hair strand by crossing it over the central piece, too.
  6. Next, cross the strand from the left over the strand in the middle. Again, add one more strand into the French braid.
  7. Continue repeating these steps.
  8. When you reach the top area of your head, start adding hair strands in the right direction so that they could encircle the back area of your head and into the French braid.
  9. After bringing in all hair from that area, continue the French braid downward for a bit. Next, pull on its edges and thus make the braid fuller.
  10. Take a transparent elastic band and tie the braid end.
  11. Pick a tiny hair strand to cover that elastic band and thus hide it.

Now you know how to do a French braid on yourself. Let’s explore more French braiding hacks.
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