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French Mohawk Braid

French Mohawk Braid

Here is another cute way how to French braid your own hair.

  1. Pick a hair strand so that it creates 2 part lines that start from the forehead corners and then go side by side. Clip the bottom area of the hair down.
  2. Pick a small hair strand at the hairline, make 3 pieces out of it for the French braid.
  3. Cross the right piece over the central piece and the left piece.
  4. Next, cross the piece from the right over the piece from the middle, add one more piece to the central piece.
  5. Cross the piece from the left over the piece from the middle, add more hair to the central strand.
  6. Keep crossing the pieces from the sides over the central piece and bringing in new pieces until the French braid reaches your head crown.
  7. Take a transparent elastic band for tying the braid end.
  8. Next, hide the elastic band with a hair strand and 1 bobby pin.
  9. Add a bit volume to the ponytail that goes from the braid by backcombing it gently.
  10. Spritz your hairstyle with hairspray for better hold and no flyaways.

See, this French plait step by step tutorial is not complicated at all. Let’s move on.
Source: Missy Sue

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