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French Braid Low Bun

French Braid Low Bun

Now let’s teach you how to pull off a side French braid bun.

  1. Part your tresses to the right.
  2. Pick a hair strand for the French braid, make 3 pieces out of it.
  3. Start French braiding: cross the piece from the right over the one from the middle, do the same with the left piece.
  4. Cross the strand from the right over the central strand, incorporating a new piece of hair to the French braid.
  5. Do the same with the piece from the left, incorporating more hair to your braid.
  6. Continue braiding in the same way downwards.
  7. When you reach your ear, continue braiding down for just a bit and then slide 2 bobby pins underneath the braid.
  8. Proceed with combining the hair that is left into a lower pony, add in the braid.
  9. Make the braid wider by pulling on its looped sections.
  10. Using any hair band, tie your tresses into a pony.
  11. Twist the pony, encircle that hair band with it. Pull its ends through the center while laying around in the bun interior.
  12. Secure your bun by sliding bobby pins into and around it from the outside till it gets tight and nice.
  13. Add texture by pulling on smaller sections encircling the bun. Spritz with hair spray.

Source: Missy Sue

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