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French Braid Rolled Bun

French Braid Rolled Bun #hairtutorial #braids

How about a combo-updo? Give this fascinating bun a try!

  1. First, brush all your hair away from your face.
  2. Then, section off the top layer, backcombing it to add more volume.
  3. To start a French braid, divide the top layer into three pieces and start crossing the side strand over the middle one.
  4. Now, it’s time for new sections: once you cross the back piece over the center one, incorporate a new section into the strand.
  5. Repeat the step 4 with the other side piece.
  6. Go on braiding your hair, repeating two previous steps.
  7. Continue braiding it as a regular braid when it reaches the midway.
  8. When the braid is ready, tie it with a hair band.
  9. Take the braid and wrap it around the base, creating a bun and securing it with a couple of bobby pins.
  10. Pull the edges of your braid to add more fullness and secure everything with hairspray.

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

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