LIVES IN: New York City
EDUCATION: UMass Amherst
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE:Modeling in the fashion industry for more than ten years, Rachel Scott has had a great opportunity to meet the most talented and expert hairstylists in the beauty world. You may have seen her in such renowned magazines as Teen Vogue, Brides and Redbook, and even Harper's Bazaar, Grazia and Elle (international editions). Not only was she greatly influenced by the creative endeavors and aesthetic performance of the most famous tonsorial artists but she also had a chance to learn the most essential tips and tricks related to hair care. As Rachel is an extremely socially active person, she readily shares her knowledge with anybody eager to gain it. To reach as many people as possible, she keeps them informed through her inspiring and helpful articles on the blog, which she creates from the comfort of her cozy home in New York City. When she is not busy studying at the UMass Amherst or writing for the digital hub CoCre, she relishes reading, cooking and hidden gems thrifting.

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