Anastasia Ivchenko

EXPERTISE: Long Hair Styles and haircuts, Spessial Occasion Hairstyles
LIVES IN: City of Minsk, Republic of Belarus
EDUCATION: Road Traffic Organization Then there was a basic course on hairstyles, further trainings, numerous workshops, and I finally changed the area of my activity.
SPECIALIZATION: Bridal and evening hairstyles, braiding. Teacher of the Basic Course on Hairstyling and of the “Hairstyles for me” Professional Training.
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Always moving. I live as productive as possible every day. I try to take the maximum out of life and not to waste time. I love people and communication. After a long day at work, I need only 1 hour of silence, and I can share my energy again. I also love healthy lifestyle, sports, outdoor recreation and traveling. I love reading books, painting and embroidering. It's never too late to change everything and to start moving forward into your dream life. Live the way you want, because You Only Live Once. This is how I changed my office work to a lively and interesting one. I’m obsessed with hairstyles and everything related to them. Nothing adorns a woman better than well-groomed hair. Straight, curly, gathered in a tail or bun, the main thing is that it is neat and harmonious. At difficult times, I always tell myself: Lead, hold on, or get out of the way.

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