Theresa Cook

EXPERTISE: Hairstyles and Hair Coloring
LIVES IN: Grand Valley, Ontario
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: With 17 years of passionate dedication to the art of hairstyling, Theresa Cook is the creative force behind Farrow & Fern, a boutique home-based salon nestled in the vibrant community of Grand Valley, Ontario. Theresa's journey in the beauty industry has been marked by a constant pursuit of excellence, culminating in the establishment of her own salon in 2013. At Farrow & Fern, Theresa and her team embrace innovation at every turn, from adopting the latest hair care products to mastering cutting-edge techniques.
Specializing in Vivid Pulp Riot hair transformations, flawless full blondes, and bespoke balayage, Theresa ensures every client leaves the salon not just looking their best, but feeling truly transformed. Education is at the heart of Farrow & Fern, with Theresa leading the way in staying abreast of the newest trends and training courses to bring unparalleled service to her clients.

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