Nowadays, everyone wants to stand out with unconventional haircuts. This year, it is the butterfly haircut that is quite popular. These haircuts are a step up from regular haircuts. We think the style offers more movement and dimension to your hair, while still being on trend with the current trend of long hair. There are several ways to style your butterfly cut and you should feel free to experiment with different styling methods until you find the right fit for your look.


If you are interested in a different trendy hairstyle, our article will help you choose the perfect model.

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What is a Butterfly Haircut?

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The butterfly haircut is inspired by the 90s hairstyles and the shag haircut and is currently trending in TikTok for its unique and visually striking nature. Brad Mondo, a famous American hairstylist, had called this haircut voluminous, layered, and sexy. This is because it involves creating a butterfly wing pattern on the back of the head, resulting in an eye-catching and whimsical look. But what is more catchy about this cut, is its versatility. Serina Battaglini, hairstylist and owner of Serina Styles Studio and Salon, says: "The butterfly cut can be worn blown out and swept away from the face, or, when pushed forward, create wispy, soft face-framing layers!"


What Hair Textures and Lengths Can Get the Butterfly Haircut?

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Just like other haircuts, it is vital to know whether such a style would work well with your hair texture and length for a better result. The beauty of this haircut is that it can be experimented on both short and lengthy hair. While short hair would gain from it since it wouldn’t involve cutting most of your hair, long thick hair can benefit greatly from this style as the length of the hair allows for more space between the cut layers. Also, medium textured hair with a little coarseness and also thin hair with little waves would suit this style best.

How to Perfectly Describe the Butterfly Haircut to Your Hairstylist

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Despite how simple this style might look, it comes with various variations which is why it is important to know exactly what you want when visiting your stylist. For a start, you might want to find an image of someone with a similar face shape and hair texture as yours who’s wearing a butterfly haircut. This isn’t hard to find as we’ve provided a lot of ideas below for you to pick from. However, if you don’t find an image that is the perfect replica of your face shape, you can ask your stylist to cut it in a way that best fits your face.


Attractive Butterfly Haircut Ideas To Try Out

Wondering how to style butterfly haircut? There are a whole lot of fun ways to do so! Stay warm and look great by embracing your haircut in the best way possible with these quick, effortless and budget-friendly hairstyles that will make you stand out when you step out!

Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Incorporating curtain bangs into the butterfly haircut style adds a touch of softness and framing to the overall look. Curtain bangs are a specific style of bangs characterized by a center part and parted on each side, creating a curtain-like effect. When combined with the butterfly haircut, they enhance the face-framing aspect and add dimension to the hairstyle. This great idea of a butterfly haircut for thin hair would soften the overall look and enhance the facial features.


Butterfly Cut With Loose Waves

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The butterfly cut on curly hair is a stylish combination that merges the distinct butterfly-wing pattern with voluminous, soft waves. This fusion creates a captivating and effortless hairstyle. To complement the butterfly cut hair, loose waves are incorporated into the longer section of hair. This is achieved by using styling tools like a curling wand or hot rollers to create loose, natural-looking waves. The waves add texture and movement, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the hairstyle.

Butterfly Haircut With Big Waves

Pairing the butterfly hair cut with big waves is a stunning combination that merges the distinctive butterfly-wing pattern with voluminous, dramatic waves. This creates a glamorous and statement-making hairstyle. The butterfly cut, characterized by its unique shape on the back of the head, retains its structure in this style. To enhance the look, big waves are added to the longer section of hair, creating a bold and voluminous texture.

Straight Butterfly Cut

This is perfect if you’re going for a more sleek and modern variation of the butterfly cut hairstyle. While the traditional butterfly cut often incorporates texture or waves, the straight butterfly cut is characterized by straight and smooth hair. The central section of the hair is left longer and styled to achieve a sleek and straight look, while the surrounding hair is trimmed or shaved to create the butterfly-wing pattern. This combination of the clean and precise butterfly pattern with straight hair creates a polished and contemporary hairstyle.


Lengthy Butterfly Haircut

Butterfly haircut long hair is for ladies whose hair length is longer than the average length. It’s a unique and captivating style that cascades down your back in all its glory. The hair tips are skillfully trimmed when creating the butterfly pattern and the combination of this length with the pretty butterfly design results in a mesmerizing and intricate hairstyle. Thanks to the length, the butterfly sections and patterns come out more flawlessly than usual. It perfects the hairstyle while making the back look like a U-shaped haircut.

Bright Color Accents Paired With Short Butterfly Cut

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If you love your butterfly haircut short, pair it with bright color accents to create a bold and vibrant hairstyle that is sure to make a statement. The short butterfly haircut, characterized by the distinct butterfly-wing pattern, sets the foundation for this eye-catching look. To add a pop of color, bright and vibrant shades are strategically incorporated into the hairstyle. If you want, you can also get layered bangs or feathered bangs with bright color accents to create a striking contrast against shorter hair. This hairstyle allows for personal expression, showcasing a daring and creative style that is sure to draw attention.

Brunettes Inspired Butterfly Cuts with Highlights

This style combines the elegance of brunette hair with the dimensional effect of highlights in a butterfly-wing pattern. Brunette hair serves as the base color, providing a rich and natural-looking foundation for the style. Highlights are strategically placed within the butterfly-wing pattern to add depth and dimension to the hair. The highlights, strategically placed within the butterfly-wing pattern, add depth and dimension to the hair. These highlights can be lighter shades that complement the brunette hair, creating a beautiful contrast and enhancing the intricacy of the butterfly design. By combining the butterfly cut and highlights on brunettes,  you have a sophisticated and eye-catching hairstyle. As such, it celebrates the beauty of both the base color and the added dimension of the highlights.


Butterfly Hair With Large Wavy Layers

Almost like a layered haircut, this butterfly haircut has large wavy layers in different sections. The layers are added to the longer section of the hair to create a bold and thick texture. Such large wavy layers is best suited for people with hair longer than the medium length but doesn’t extend beyond the chest region. This is a glamorous hairstyle that creates a dynamic look, perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

Blonde Balayage Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly layers haircut provides a unique and eye-catching shape on the back of the head, while the mushroom blonde balayage adds depth and dimension to the overall look. Such balayage technique involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair, creating a natural and seamless blend of colors. In the case of the butterfly haircut, the balayage is customized to accentuate the butterfly-wing pattern, adding a touch of brightness and dimension to the hairstyle. Pairing these two on your hair creates a beautiful and dynamic hairstyle that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Ginger-Toned Butterfly Haircut With Thick Bangs

Butterfly haircut with bangs deviates from the usual look, making this hairstyle more exciting to try. This is a striking and fiery hairstyle that blends the warmth of ginger hair with the distinct butterfly-wing pattern and bold thick bangs. It’s the perfect choice if you’re searching for small forehead hairstyles. Ginger tones, with their red and orange undertones, create a unique and eye-catching base color for this hairstyle. What’s more, the textured fringe just makes them perfect chubby-face haircuts.


Butterfly Cut With Lengthy Waves

For a more romantic look with the butterfly haircut, long flowing waves are stunning and add the right amount of movement to the back of your head. If you want your hair to have more texture and volume, this style best fits it. It is perfect for ladies who seek a romantic and ethereal vibe, as it effortlessly combines structure and femininity for a truly enchanting look.

Medium Length Butterfly Haircut

While there are a lot of butterfly patterns on lengthy hair, if you prefer your butterfly haircut medium length, then medium length it is! It gives you a more petite look depending on how you style it and also allows your face to appear smaller. If you’re searching for volume too, you have it with this hairstyle. Also, if you want to draw attention to your cheekbones, this style flaunts it better for you.

Butterfly Haircut With Deep Red Accents

The deep red color can be incorporated into the butterfly pattern or used to highlight specific sections of the hair. This combination of the butterfly cut with deep red accents creates a powerful and dynamic hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication. If you love being a redhead and want to also rock this haircut, this style might be the answer you’re looking for.


White And Bright Violet Ombre Butterfly Style

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For sharp tones, creating an ombré style by pairing white and bright violet should top everyone’s must-try list. The mesmerizing color alone is enough to have you swooning and interested. It’s quite a daring hairstyle with an attractive side to it. So stop searching for new colors to experiment with and give this hairstyle a trial. You are sure to enter your own world of beauty and confidence while rocking and slaying at any event with it.

Warm Chocolate Balayage Haircut

A warm chocolate balayage haircut is a rich and enticing hairstyle that combines the depth of warm chocolate tones with the natural-looking highlights of a balayage technique. The warm chocolate shade serves as the base color, providing a luxurious and inviting tone to the hair. Applying the balayage technique involves, hand-painting lighter, caramel or honey-toned highlights throughout the hair. This creates a subtle and sun-kissed effect, adding dimension and warmth to the overall look. Create a luscious and sophisticated hairstyle by combining this warm tone with balayage highlights. It complements a variety of skin tones and adds a touch of elegance to any look.

How to Create the Butterfly Haircut At Home

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To achieve the butterfly haircut, you have to start by cutting your hair little by little until you’re satisfied with the length of the layers and the transition. It would need a lot of combing and patience to achieve the butterfly effect. After you’re satisfied with the length, the hair is typically parted in the center of your head, creating two distinct sections. The central section is left longer like the face-framing bangs and may be styled in various ways to add volume and texture. Meanwhile, the surrounding hair is shaved or trimmed in a pattern that resembles butterfly wings. Unlike other styles that are low maintenance haircuts, butterfly cuts are quite the opposite, so be ready for a full-time commitment with this hairstyle



Is a butterfly haircut good for thin hair?

This haircut works on all types of hair, although naturally curly and wavy texture hairs are the best fit for it. If you have thin hair regardless, you can still get the haircut.

What face shape suits a butterfly haircut?

This haircut best flatters those with round and square faces because the face-framing layers tend to make their face appear slim and longer.

It is popularly said that the butterfly haircut allows girls to embrace their inner butterflies. It is a relatively new trend that has become quite popular for both men and women. It is meant to be simple, yet trendy and stylish in a unique way. There are so many ways to style the hair with a butterfly cut, and the possibilities go from formal to casual depending upon your preferences! The cut is very flattering on everyone, but it takes some practice if you have never worn your hair in such a style before.

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