The number of twists and turns that blonde hair color has undergone during the years is hard to enlist. Each new shade was entitled with different delicious names, including but not limited to food and beverages. However, once the notion of mushroom blonde hit the surface, fewer fashionistas rushed to test it.


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No matter how tasty mushrooms can be, a lingering doubt prevents many from giving them a try. Today, we will show you how pretty and fantastic the shade is so that the slightest tint of fear and precaution is finally erased.

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Some people falsely assume that ash blonde is a precise synonym for mushroom blonde. While the colors are pretty similar, they remain undeniably different. The best idea to figure out what mushroom color blonde looks like is to imagine the fungal shade of the product. The perfect mixture of blonde and brown tints results in mushroom color.

There isn't a single tone that can be determined and cemented as an ideal example of mushroom shade. The multi-layered palette is what makes the hue stand out from the rest. Since the color is neither here nor there, many expert stylists claim it to be a perfect transitional color you can play around with going to either side.

As for the style's history and origins, it became popular last winter. Despite the season being gone, the trend has gained such immense popularity that it is most likely to stay in fashion for many seasons yet to come.


How to Succeed With the Mushroom Blonde Tint

How to succeed with the mushroom blonde tint #mushroomblonde #mushroomblondehair #blondehair
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As with any other type of impressively charming white blonde hair, mushroom hair requires professional assistance – no offense to your thirst for hair color experimentations. It takes a fair share of blending and careful dyeing techniques to achieve the desired effect. The chances to succeed with the task in the safety of your home are quite limited.

How to Pick the Perfect Mushroom Color?

How to pick the perfect mushroom color? #mushroomblonde #mushroomblondehair #blondehair
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Some hair colors and tones, like dirty blonde, are said to suit peculiar skin tones and complexions, making them look absolutely fab. In the case of mushroom color, anyone can benefit from the shade. All due to its immense versatility. Whether you want to go lighter, milder, or darker – mushroom blonde is there for you. The only downside is that you may require professional advice on which tone compliments you best, and achieving it will beg for a planned salon visit.


Balayage or Foiling: Where Does Mushroom Blonde Look Best?

It is easier to imagine how a platinum blonde will coat your locks and which impression you will achieve. One of the most unique features of mushroom blonde is the fact that it looks incredible when applied to the hair partially. There is a reason why many hair experts choose to pair mushroom color with balayage or foiling.

As balayage grants you a more natural appeal, foiling presents a more defined outcome due to its more precise application technique. Every lady, based on their own needs and preferences, can pick either without losing sass or style.

How to Care for Your Mushroom Blonde Mane

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Whether it is a dark blonde or a silvery-white blonde, your care routines will determine how long the shade will last. If you want to keep your mushroom color blonde in its original state as long as possible, we suggest you pay attention to these simple maintenance tips:

  • Purple shampoo – the best way to deal with unwanted warmth raising its ugly head would be to invest in a quality purple shampoo bottle.

  • Nourishing shampoo – in case you don't have to deal with yellow patches, you should care about investing in nourishing washing products to keep your mane healthy and shining. The same goes for hair conditioners, which are certainly a must.

  • Color-depositing mask – to enhance the power of your mushroom color blonde, you may also want to implement a quality color-depositing mask into the routine.

  • Heat protectant – those fond of heat styling should implement a reliable heat protectant into the regime.


Who Can Wear Mushroom Blonde?

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Mushroom color blonde hair is impressive regarding its versatility and number of options to try out. However, there isn't a one-for-all color that you can stick to. Depending on your needs and preferences, not to mention your lifestyle, you may choose the shade that checks all the boxes.

A word of advice, if you feel like the shade will make you more confident and happier and your hair stylist agrees with it – don't hesitate and test those mushroom blonde waters!

Trendy Variations of Mushroom Blonde to Inspire

Enough about the theory and more on the practical part of our mushroom blonde guide. Explore the most fashionable mushroom color blonde variants available at the moment and book an appointment with your stylist today!

Fairy-Light Mushroom Blonde

Let's start with the lightest options you can seek out these days. This light mushroom blonde hair suits the upcoming warm days like little else. Besides, the magnificent dimension of the hue ensures that you require little styling effort to bring out the best of your 'do.


Silver Mushroom Blonde Tints

There is something inexplicably magical about silver mushroom blonde hair. The silver, mushroom, and blonde combo is hard to coat into words, but your eyes surely don't lie. The option is here to grasp if you seek mythical transformations without going over the edge with the daring appeal.

Elegant Dark Mushroom Color

The mystery hiding within the medium mushroom blonde depths is challenging and clearly awakening. Either paired with long locks or medium manes, the impression of beauty and sass remains unchanged. Not to mention that the upkeep is certainly decreased compared to full-coverage platinum blonde.

Delicate Mushroom Color Balayage

Dipping just a toe into the water is the approach that many prefer, and for a good reason. Should you belong to the category, then mushroom color balayage has been designed for you. As you play around with the tone, figuring out whether you like it to the point of adopting it ultimately, your look will preserve all the style and trendy flair so advertised throughout social media.


Reserved Ash Mushroom Color

If a natural mushroom color blonde existed, ash mushroom blonde hair would represent it flawlessly. The gentle coating with just a tinge of unique coloring carries out the reserved task, which contains the look within classy borderlines but with a barely-there touch of rebelliousness.

Extra-Light Mushroom Blonde Hair

Very light mushroom blonde hair looks the epitome of pureness and femininity. It will take you some time to get the desired outcome, but the result will exceed all expectations. When paired with light waves, the color showcases the sides no one imagined existed. See for yourself!

Mushroom Hair with Warm Babylights

Could you have imagined that a trendy mushroom blonde hair color could be paired with anything else to take it to the borders of natural-like manes? Well, babylights are precisely the missing piece you may want to ask for when heading to the salon. These simple touches will brighten your face and introduce the aesthetics many look for fruitlessly.


Darker Mushroom with Face Framing Highlights

Dark mushroom color blonde hair will reflect your deep and complicated mindset while framing highlights stress the gentleness and delicacy of your soul. This would be a perfect case if a hairstyle could speak volumes on personality.

Mushroom color is a new trend you are bound to try if you are in love with the deep magic of cool earthy tones. The variety of options to play around with is impressive, and we've composed the best collection so far. Take your pick and enjoy the new you to the fullest!


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What is the difference between ash blonde and mushroom blonde?

The two tones are very similar, but mushroom blonde has more grey to it as opposed to ash blonde. Besides, mushroom blonde can be well-implemented into a plethora of darker hairstyles.

Is mushroom blonde cool or warm?

Mushroom blonde definitely belongs to the category of cool-toned hues.

What level is mushroom blonde?

If you want to succeed with a lighter mushroom blonde, then you would require a level 9. However, darker hues can be achieved with a level 6.

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