Best Tips for Your Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair: Things You Should Know

Ash blonde hair is quite popular these days. But do you know how to differentiate this shade from other shades of blonde?


The ash blonde shade is lighter, comparing to other shades of blonde and it has some grayish tint. This shade is cool toned, so it involves green or blue undertones.

Taking into account that this blonde hair shade is cool toned, it will work for people who have a lighter skin tone and green, gray, or blue eyes. However, it doesn’t mean that if your skin is darker you cannot sport this hair shade. You will just need to pick the flattering shade of ash blonde, that’s it.

Now let’s discuss everything in greater detail.

Tips On Dying Your Hair Blonde

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First of all, let us discuss how to get this blonde shade. As usual, you have two basic options: you can either go to the salon or dye your tresses at home. Which one would you prefer?


Take Care of Your Ash Blonde

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After dying your tresses, make sure this gorgeous color won’t wash out soon. Ash blonde is quite a high-maintenance shade but the right products will help you. Just make it a routine.


Ash Blonde Balayage

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Ash blonde balayage has been in for a long time already. This color variation will show off that bold side you have been hiding. Go for it and nobody will be able to take the eyes off you.


Ash Blonde Ombre

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Ombre is the perfect option for those babes who would not like to sport the full length blonde. Just look at these ombre hairstyles – they will pass any dress code.


Ash Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

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Highlights and lowlights can easily add brightness and light to your gorgeous tresses. Plus, we can reassure you that you will get an elegant and classy look with highlights or lowlights.

Ash Blonde Ideas for Long Hair

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If you have long hair, you can choose any painting option, like ash blonde ombre, balayage or highlights. Choose the one that you like best and boldly go to the salon, because this color is worth it.

Trendy Ideas of Ash Blonde

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As you can see in these photos, ash blonde hair color will look great with sleek hair, wavy, and with straight. So, do not be afraid to experiment with it!