White blonde hair is the dream of many women disregarding the age. And there is no wonder why, just one look at these stunning blonde beauties makes you crave for the same look yourself. Yet, there are things to consider before making such a drastic change. And we will try to assist you on that road to look like Daenerys Targaryen.


Long White Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair looks fabulous when combined with longer hair. That is due to its ability to complement any natural hair color and create something special and different each time.


Medium White Blonde

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In our opinion, bleach blonde hair works best for middle-length hair. If you combine your middle bob with blonde, the perfect carefree look will be granted. Try it and you won’t regret for sure.

White Blonde Hair like Daenerys Targaryen

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For the lovers of edginess, we also have something in store. The dark to light transition looks both cute and edgy, depending on the way you decide to style it.


Amazing White Blonde

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For those who like to wear something more complex, a combination of two tones of blonde in one will be the perfect solution. Besides, going for some intricate braided pattern can spice things up.

Cool Cold Blonde

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Ladies who prefer it short can opt for ash-blonde cuts with a stylish undercut. A cute ‘do with simple ways of styling is perfect for any occasion.


Ice Blonde Hair

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Icy shades of blonde have a pleasant bluish undertone that can nicely complement women with light complexions and blue or gray eye colors. Also, you can spice them up with a soft blue, purple or even gray tint to make the colors even more dynamic.

White And Colorful Ends

Believe it or not, white-blonde hair is a fantastic base for any color experiments you want. It can be anything from slightly colored tips to variously applied highlights, depending on your mood. But, we’d like to recommend you coloring your ends only to accentuate the blonde without overlapping it.

FAQ: White Blonde Hair

Is platinum blonde the same as white?

White and platinum blond shades are quite similar, although there are some little distinctions. White is more difficult to get since it contains less natural tones, reflecting cooler hues.

Is white blonde hair hard to maintain?

This milky tint necessitates a multistage dye job, no matter if you are brunette or naturally blonde. Touch-ups are required every 3 -5 weeks to keep it icy white blonde, especially if you have dark hair.

Can you go platinum blonde without bleach?

Bleach has some disadvantages, although you can go without it. You can get blonde hair without bleach if your hair is already light. In many situations, a high lift dye or even standard permanent dye is a good option.