Nowadays, it's no longer surprising how new types of bangs keep emerging. Other than the trending curtain bangs, another bang that is quite popular amongst women is the face framing bangs. You can say it has been around for quite a while but not many are aware of the different ways they can rock this particular type of bangs. This article highlights the different hairstyle ideas you can rock with your face-framing bangs.


What is Face Framing Bangs?

These are strands of hair that fall effortlessly in the front of a face in layers, to highlight the person’s facial features, hence the name face-framing. Most stylists and hairdressers agree that these types of bangs help to add volume and texture to your hair, soften your style and also make your face appear slim. If the layers from the hair on the forehead to the rest of the hair is smooth, this haircut can look good on women with straight or curly hair.


How to Cut Face Framing Bangs?

How to Cut Face Framing Bangs?

First and foremost, before deciding to get any type of bangs whether curtain bangs, wispy bangs or bangs with face framing layers, it is necessary to consider your face shape. This is because not all bangs fit every face shape as it may vary.

Secondly, after deciding to get the face framing bangs, you can speak to your hairstylists on the style you want and then book for an appointment. However, if you decide that you want to get it done yourself, and at the comfort of your home, then its definitely not impossible to do so. With the necessary tools and style in mind, you can follow an easy process to get your desired result.

You can start by cutting a triangle in the front of your hair, then split this into half. To generate the pattern for the remaining sections of the cut, take one segment, overdirect it to the contrary direction, and then cut through from short to long. Continue with the second segment. In order to maintain a short middle and somewhat longer sides, that is why the hair is cut from short to lengthy.

Hair Styles Ideas with Face-Framing Bangs

Are you wearing a face framing bang and you’re tired of how it is styled? Or are you looking to get a face framing bang for the first time? You do not need to fret as there are lots of options available on how you can style your hair, if you do get one. What’s more is that styling your face framing bangs are a lot easier if you have all the necessary styling tools. Find below the various ways you can style you face framing fringe.


Long Hair with Center Parted Face Framing Bangs

Are you on the train of people with face framing bangs long hair? Then you can consider styling your hair this way. You can easily emphasize the length of your hair with this chic style as your hair is parted at the center in a short line. The bangs are cut into just one to two layers before connecting with the rest of the hair. It very suitable fo people who want to look laid-back and rock a style that doesn’t seem like much effort was put into.

Long Layered Haircut with Flipped Face Framing Fringe

If you want to go for a style that looks like you put much thought and time into, this is the perfect choice. You can style your bangs easily with jumbo velcro rollers or even a curling iron if you have one. Unlike the previous style, the layers of this bangs are more before they blend in with the remaining hair. It is a typical style for a hangout or play date with friends. And the beauty of this style comes out more when the hair is in two different color tones that blend well together.


Straight Hair Bob with Face Framing Bangs

Do you prefer short hair to long ones and still want to slay face framing fringe? Straight hair bob works really well with this type of fringe just that your bob can’t be too low. This is because unlike other fringe, face framing starts from almost your cheekbones and are then cut into layers. If you have an oval face shap, this style is a bonus for you to look classic and bright at the same time.

Wispy Bangs with Face Framing Hair Bangs Combo

Wispy bangs are quite popular and in trend so getting this with the face framing bangs just speaks peculiarity. You can have little strands of hair fall over your forehead and since wispy bangs are usually long, they can easily blend with the rest of your layered haircut to perfectly frame your face. The end result is always splendid and is definitely worth giving a trial.

Shag Haircut with Face Framing Bangs

Just like how choppy bangs are cut, shag haircut with face framing bangs are done in a somewhat similar manner. The tips of the bangs are blunt and although they blend in with the rest of the hair, they still stand out because of the edges. The haircut has a feathery appearance and is suitable for people who want to come off as bold and daring but still somewhat cool.


Hair Color Accents with Framing Bangs

For people who love to draw attention whenever they step outside and also love going all out when they decide to try something new, this type of framing bangs would definitely fit such personality. Depending on the colour you choose, you can dye your bangs whichever way you want and with any number of colours. This is a great opportunity to let your colour reflect who you are and still slay the look. It’s a more unique way to style your face framing bangs if you don’t want blend with the crowd.

Long Blonde with Face Framing Curtain Bangs

Long Blonde with Face Framing Curtain Bangs #faceframingbangs #faceframing #bangs
by @jeffersonbolina

Layered Natural Red Copper with Framing Bangs

Layered Natural Red Copper with Framing Bangs #faceframingbangs #faceframing #bangs
by @hairsoakedinbleach


Medium Wolf Cut with Thick Bangs

Medium Wolf Cut with Thick Bangs #faceframingbangs #faceframing #bangs
by @joeltorresstyle

Layered Face Framing Bangs

Layered Face Framing Bangs #faceframingbangs #faceframing #bangs
by @joeltorresstyle

Voluminous Blonde Bob

Voluminous Blonde Bob #faceframingbangs #faceframing #bangs
by @jeffersonbolina


FAQ: Face-Framing Bangs

What’s the difference between curtain and face framing bangs?

Although both styles are the usual long bangs, face-framing bangs differ quite from curtain bangs because of the method in which they are both cut. Curtain bangs are trimmed in such a way that, as the hair cascades down, the bangs get longer. However, for face-framing bangs, the fringe doesn’t go below the jawline and is only long enough to be able to hide it behind your ears.

Which face shape is suitable for face-framing bangs?

A majority of face shapes can get the face-framing bangs but we’ve listed out a better selection of the face types and suitable face-framing bangs styles;

For Diamond face shapes, get side bangs and also medium to lengthy face-framing layers.

For Oblong face shapes, it is advisable to get face-framing layers that stop right on the cheekbones.

For Heart face shapes, you can get curtain bangs that have subtle layers around such faces.

Finally, if you have a rectangle face shape, you’re not left out. You can opt for face framing curtain bangs.

Can you cut face-framing bangs on thin hair?

People with thin hair like it when they style their hair and it looks quite voluminous. The good news is that this can easily be achieved with face framing bangs. From the way it is split at the center, to the way the hair cascades down in layers, this type of bang lays more emphasis on volume and height and can be done on thin hair.

Just like the bottleneck bangs, bangs with face framing layers are quite trendy these days and they’re here to stay for as long as possible. Going well with almost all face shapes, the face framing bangs is quite popular amongst women because of its various advantages. From looking voluminous on thin hair, to slimming a person face shape, this fringe also softens your facial features effortlessly. As it can be styled easily and from the comfort of your home, there’s nothing stopping you from getting this, especially if you’re considering giving it a trial.