It’s no surprise that various types of bangs are becoming more rampant in the fashion world. Some people prefer to have strands of hair fall over their foreheads and as a result, different styles have emerged over decades.


What is the difference between bangs and fringe?

As it is known that bangs can very much complement your facial features, you might be having the thought of giving it a try. Or if you’re looking for a different way to style your old fringe, this article highlights the various types of bangs and how to style them.

Curtain Bangs

As the new trendy type, curtain bangs basically fit almost everyone. Just like how you can grant your room access to good light by parting your curtains into two, soft curtain bangs are parted in the middle to give your face the perfect fit it needs. It has gotten quite the reputation because it goes well with any hair color, and face shape. It is also very easy to style especially with a hair straightener. What’s more is that from its position, your fringe grow easily. Curtains have a look that is comparable to the feathery styles from the 1970s that had out-turned curls all around the face.


Wispy Bangs

Unlike, some other bangs that give your forehead a full cover, wispy bangs partially cover your forehead. They are thin and more suitable for people with thin hair and are also a great suggestion for people trying bangs for the first time. They are usually long and go below your eyebrows, reaching your eyes in most cases. Although thin strands fall in the middle, larger strands fall from your head but go sideways on either side.

Blunt Bangs

If you want to go for something more unique but classic, such that you stand out from the crowd, you can get blunt bangs. Full chunks of hair fall over your face and covers your forehead, stopping right above your eyebrows. This type of bang can be considered one of the very first fringe and often goes so well with textured or blunt bobs, perfectly highlighting it. It takes time for it to grow out such that you can be able to change your bang style and are also more suitable for people with oval faces.


Arched Bangs

Looking for how to cut bangs like this? They are curved and form an arch shape above, at, or just beneath the eyebrows which is why they are known as arched bangs or half-moon bangs. They resemble blunt, but they differ because the hair on each end is longer while the hair in the center is shorter. Because they are slightly curved and asymmetrical, arched ones don't appear as harsh as blunt bangs. They work well if you wish to draw attention to your eyes and widen your face. Because it is an arch, it can complement all types of face shapes, especially square and oval types.

Split Bangs

This is among the popular types of bangs in recent years and is at times called french girl bags. If you’re considering whether split bangs look like curtain type, you’re right. They are similar as they’re both parted just that split bangs are styled differently. This type of bang is shorter in size and has a loose upside-down V shape. From its name, there is a split at the center of your forehead and goes well with different types of face shapes.


Baby Bangs

A few lengthier pieces are incorporated into the baby bangs to soften the area where they meet your forehead by a few inches. They minimize a wider forehead while also widening your face and emphasizing your cheekbones. This bang is cut irregularly, making the person look somewhat cute and compliments the person’s eyes

Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are extra short bangs that stop far above your eyebrows. They cover a tiny bit of your forehead and give you an edgy look. Because of its length, it is a little difficult to style and requires quite a lot of time to grow. Once it gets a little longer you can split it to the sides to have a change in appearance. Also, its short length means more commitment but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Side Bangs

How side bangs are cut matters, but styling plays a big part in achieving that rounded form. Because they take a while to grow, side ones need dedication. If you grow tired of the style, you can simply cut your long bangs into modern curtains or split types. Because they optically reduce the breadth of the cheek area, causing it to appear thinner and less wide, this form of bang is perfect for people with a round face. The direction of the side bang is beneficial since it gives the appearance of a longer face.


Layered Bangs

If you don’t like your hair falling directly over your forehead, layered bangs are another fresh style to consider. This type of bang is layered and falls on both sides of the face. The amount of hair on any side depends on how you like it or you can let it fall naturally. It is a good choice if you don’t want to show your forehead or just want something fresh yet pretty.

Korean Air Bangs

Korean bangs have been trending for quite some time and are now almost everyone’s favorite. These delicate, wispy style don't cover much of the forehead, therefore they look fantastic on round and heart-shaped faces. This is one of the few bangs hairstyles that fits a face because of its softness and practically transparent components. This bang can be long or short, depending on how you like basically like it.

French Bangs

Are you looking for a style that makes it seem like you didn’t put much effort into creating it? If yes, then French fringe is definitely your answer. Longer than the basic, these french bangs are full and thick when compared to other ones. It is very feminine and can be splitted in the center to prevent it from covering the forehead totally.


Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs, compared to blunt ones, are more about flaunting an edgy persona. Even though they might not be the stereotypical representation of femininity, a woman who considers getting them isn't scared to display her real colors. This bang focuses more on texture and unequal layers with diverse lengths. If you’re going for a laid-back look, it is a great choice.

Face-Framing Fringe

If over the years of your bangs journey, you still haven't found the one that fits your face perfectly or gives you your desired look, you can consider trying the face-framing fringe. Or are you looking for how to hide bangs you previously got? This bang can blend your previous fringe easily with the rest of your hair. Are face-framing and curtain bang the same? You might ask. As curtain bangs grow over time, they fall over your brows and this is similar to what face-framing bangs look like. The only difference is the length. It has long swirls that dangle on both sides of the face and mix in with your hair, as opposed to short strands that fall on your forehead.

Asymmetrical Bangs

You can achieve asymmetrical bangs when you diagonally cut your hair over your forehead. This freshly trimmed fringe will look like a side type but doesn't have layers like it. Also asymmetrically trimmed bangs look their best when combined with striking colors. It is a unique type of bang that isn’t often seen around.


Spiky Bangs

The shortest haircuts look best with spiky bangs. For instance, a mohawk or punk hairstyle. Although you can wear a lengthier spikey fringe that partially covers your forehead, the actual essence of this naughty hairstyle is revealed by spikes that protrude and point upwards.

Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs are a great choice for women with oval-shaped faces. It is long and goes beyond the eyebrows, reaching the eyes. They are airy with lots of space and aren’t full like blunt ones. You can say it's more similar to wispy type and always highlights the person's face and eyes especially.

Textured Fringe

Depending on the haircut you have on, texture bangs can complete your entire appearance. They also bring focus to your face, allowing you to emphasize features like your brows or eyes. It's crucial to incorporate sections into your hair if you have textured bangs. Your bang should be layered in a variety of lengths, depending on how textured you want them to seem. You are allowed to make them shorter or longer all around, just like with the majority of other bang styles.


V-Shaped Bangs

V-shaped bangs are unusual and eccentric haircuts that can flatter faces with an oval or heart shape even if they are not among the most popular styles of fringe. This style of fringe is best if you would like to focus attention on your brows and eyes. It is very unique and mostly full of average maintenance requirements.

Bottleneck Bangs

This type of bang combines three other bang hair types to form bottleneck bangs. It consists of wispy, face-framing, and curtain bangs. It is quite full with lots of strands dropping over your forehead that covers your brows and slightly touch your eyes. It has gotten popular over the years as it highlights your facial features and makes your face look so small in it.

Curly Bangs

This isn’t exactly a type of bangs but it would still proudly fall under this category. Everyone has different hair textures and degrees of hair curls, curly bangs would depend greatly on the size of your curls, the length, and how thick they are. Whichever way you like it, the length of this fringe greatly depends on you, and also the final look is usually awesome with short curls sitting pretty on your forehead.


Sticky Bangs

Unlike the usual strands of hair that fall across your forehead, sticky bangs consist of little strands of hair, made to sleep on your forehead in a sleek manner. It is well-pressed on your head and is similar to when you want to make edges after styling your hair. The quantity of the hair is often very little but can depend on how you want it styled.

Braided Bangs

The majority of braided styles are not genuine bangs. It isn't like other bangs that call for haircuts and trims. Even without short hair on the front, falling off your forehead, you can actually pull off a weaved fringe. Also, depending on your braid type, you can create looks like a bohemian boho queen or an African royalty:

Dyed Bangs

If you love to be unique and adventurous, you can go for dyed bangs. Meaning, you can basically choose a color for your bangs different from the rest of your hair. Pick a color that proudly reflects your personality, whether loud or subtle. If you’re not sure about the outcome, you can start with a temporary one before deciding on a full-time commitment.


Pin-up Bangs

Pin-up bangs are ideal if you want a hairstyle that requires a lot of maintenance. You would need the necessary tools, like hot rollers, hair spray, and clips, to produce and maintain this style of fringe like a pro. It is usually full but short, stopping above your brows but compliments your eyes.

Fake Bangs

Fake bangs are great for people who don’t want to cut their hair but still desire to try out bangs. It can easily be done from home as it basically just requires you to style your hair in a particular way that makes it seem like you really have one. So if you want to try bang for the first time, you can opt for this before deciding to cut your hair.

The Main Question: How do I Know What Type of Bangs to Get?

25 Types of Bangs and How to Wear Them

Although there is a general conception that bangs can fit everyone, the type of bangs you get greatly matters. If you’re pondering on what type to get, it is important to know that your face shape is of great priority. Any type of them will fit people with over facial features while rectangular-shaped faces can get full bangs. If you have a round face, you could go for those types that slim your face such as face-framing fringe or even the popular curtain bangs. Whatever type you later decide to get, let your face shape be your determining factor.

Having gone through our list of different types of bangs, you are most likely to have found at least one of them worth trying out. It would be nice to keep up with the trend or even go for something more classic. The main point is that you’re confident of your appearance in whatever type of bangs you get at the end of the day!


FAQ - Short Briefs about Types of Bangs

What kind of bangs will be in style in next season?

With was is in vogue, Wispy, Curtain, and Bottleneck are the bangs likely to be in style in 2023

What are the TikTok bangs called?

The bangs currently trending on tik tok are curtain bangs.

What kind of bangs make you look younger?

You can consider getting side bangs as they soften your appearance and bring more attention to your eyes. It also doesn’t fall flat on your face since it’s swept to the side.

Do bangs take a lot of maintenance?

The amount of maintenance needed would depend greatly on the type of bangs you get. But other than visiting the salon to get trims, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as it seems.

Should bangs be washed every day?

As bangs sit pretty on your forehead, they come in contact with sweat often and face oils which can cause them to be greasy. It is suggested to wash them daily, so they can be styled easily.