For some of us, curly hair is a true blessing, while others consider it nothing but a curse. It is time you realize that there is no bad curls hair structure – there is only an unprofessional approach to styling it. For the longest while, bangs were a huge ‘no’ for many ladies since they thought the style didn’t fit them. At the same time, the reason was the poorly chosen bang type. Many women think that curly bangs are non-existent, while the style is hitting all the top trends at the moment. So, if you have been dreaming about curly bangs but weren’t sure if the style was for you – you have come to the right place!



Ladies with curly bangs look so natural and adorable that the questions on the style shouldn’t have but piled up. We’ll try to answer the most common curly bang-related questions to make your life easier!

What are curly bangs?

It is not that difficult to envision curly hair with bangs, is it? The basic and precise definition of the style would be the bangs that replicate natural hair texture and fit the chosen face shape. Every girl, without exception, can rock the style. All that is needed is a skillful approach to the matter. A professional hairdresser will deal with the task in a matter of minutes, while the rest – aka, the styling – will be on you, but surely, you’ll manage the task too.

Are curly bangs a good idea?

To put it simply – curly hair bangs are on everyone’s mind right now. So, if you have a curly mane, it interests you, particularly whether your type of curl is fit for being cut as bangs. To answer shortly – yes. It is time to throw away annoying clichés that curly bangs are non-existent and a sign of poor taste. More and more celebrities, as well as ladies on the web, give in to the temptation, and they end up with a breath-taking result, so you should definitely give the style a try to. There is a perfect type of curly bangs for all.

Do bangs suit everyone?

Whether this is short curly hair with bangs or a long mop of hair that you weigh the odds on, the chances are that bangs will flatter your personality like nothing else. However, it is still recommended to think about the face shape as well as the personal style of yours. When determined on both, you will find the best suitable bangs with ease.

What face shape looks best with bangs?

One of the surest ways to find your personal best bangs with curls is to inspect your reflection in the mirror. The shape you see reflecting will determine the type of bangs to experiment with. It is possible to try a curly wig with bangs on, but it may take you to acquire a bunch of wigs before you find the most flattering style. Curly bangs according to your face shape:
Oval face – any type you want, the shape is universal enough to suit any kind of bangs to it.
Round face – side-swept bangs will add some angularity to your face.
Square face – heavy bangs have been designed for you.
Heart-shaped face – anything but the full fringe will flatter your facial features.


Curly Hair Bangs Trend: Ideas to Steal

Since we have determined that bangs for curly hair can suit all of you, it’s time to browse through some inspiring looks to find your next bang style!

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6 Pro Tricks to Rock Curly Bangs

Styling your bangs with curly hair like a true pro may take a while to manage. However, these simple tricks will help you master the art twice as fast and three times as successful!

  • Cut the bangs while they are dry – ask your hairdresser to cut the bangs without the texture being altered. Let them start the longest possible and get shorter slowly to not miss the best look out.
  • Think about the location you live – a humid climate will affect your curls differently from a dry environment, which is a crucial factor to consider. Consult the stylist about the best possible solution for the climate you live in.
  • Do not weight your curls with too much of a styling product.
  • Morning restyling may be necessary from time to time, without washing your hair in the evening. To succeed with that effortlessly, just wet your bangs a little and proceed with the same styling procedure you usually do.
  • Keep curling iron at hand – some curl may become disobedient at one time or another, but there is nothing a hot curling iron wouldn’t be able to fix in a matter of minutes.
  • Regular trims are a must – there is no need to trim your curly bangs every two weeks or so, but every 4-6 weeks is a must.
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