With lots of popular kdramas trending worldwide like Squid Game, All Of Us Are Dead and a few other dramas, it's no surprise why a lot of people are now interested in the K-pop industry, especially the fashion aspects. For people who love Korean bangs and are interested in knowing everything about it, you’ve come to the right stop. This article provides a complete guide on things to consider when choosing these types of bangs and the various ways to slay them.


What are Korean Bangs?

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Korean celebrities rock bangs so often you can’t help but notice them. They style them in various ways that highlight their facial features and this brought about the term Korean bangs. They are natural looking and can easily be worn on any face type.


Should I Get Korean Hair Bangs?

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Are you pondering on hopping onto the trend of Korean hair bangs? Well, Why not? It’s a fun and exciting experience to try your luck in achieving a K-pop look. However as these bangs can be styled in different ways, it is important to note that they might each fit just a particular face shape. So this article would serve as a guide on what style to go for.

Which Korean Bangs Type Can You Get?

A lot of aesthetic Korean bangs are available to you. However, they depend on the volume, length, style and a lot of other factors. So you have to put this in mind when choosing what Korean fringe to get.


Korean See-Through Bangs

Korean see-through bangs are a few strands of hair that fall over the forehead. It’s not advisable for people with thin hair who want their hair to appear voluminous. However, if you want your bangs to look as natural as possible and you also love your bangs very light, well you have an answer!

Korean Choppy Bangs

Want your bangs very short? Then consider getting the Korean choppy bangs. Just like the name, the bangs are chopped in a straight and short format and are suitable for people who love to explore by taking serious risks. If you want to look younger than your age, it’s also a great choice.


Korean Baby Hair Bangs

Ladies with M-shaped foreheads or individuals who are bald on the front of their hairline benefit greatly from the Korean baby bangs. It is a great choice for women who are aware of these qualities to easily conceal this feature and still look good. Also for females who wish to cover up their broad foreheads but are hesitant to get a real fringe, baby hair bangs are a perfect alternative. You get to look youthful and carefree in this style.

Korean Curtain Bangs

Imagine the trendy curtain bangs mixing with the Korean bangs, you can easily tell that merging them together would produce a pin-worthy result. Korean curtain bangs are evenly split in the centre of your forehead with bangs that fall on each side of your face. You can make them light or voluminous depending on how you like them. Curtain bangs Korean can also frame your face and make it appear a little slimmer.

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs mean having your bangs cut in a straight line. They are almost like blunt bangs as they’re pretty voluminous and also a little long compared to some other bangs. If you love getting compliments on your eyes, this fringe does well to highlight them while serving you with a classic feel.


Side Bangs

Having your hair up often doesn't stop you from rocking fringe just like others. You can opt for the Korean side bangs which complement hairstyles that are often packed upwards or backwards. You also can still slay it with your hair down, and if you want to draw the focus of people to a particular side of your face. It’s simple and, depending on the length, doesn’t take time to grow out.

Curly Bangs

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Don’t want to go for the usual flat and straight bangs? Why not perm your hair and get pretty curls as a result? These curly bangs are light and a great way to draw attention to your forehead. It’s quite charming if you’re going for a cute and teenage look while highlighting your cheekbones.

Layered Bangs with Bright Pink Hair

Add a bit of colour and look extraordinary with your layered bangs. Rock completely short hair with bangs that are cut in a not-so-straight manner. It's classic, and pretty and gives you a daring appearance. You can go for any shade of pink so your hair isn’t plain and if you don’t like pink, why not try a colour you’re more comfortable with?


Long Face-Framing Bangs

Face framing bangs fit almost all face shapes but mostly people with oval facial features. They are generally long and quite similar to layered Korean curtain bangs, going below the eyes and sometimes below the cheekbones. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s easy to achieve and requires low maintenance - a Korean wolf cut with bangs.

Blunt Baby Bangs

This type of bang is usually cut very short and in a single line. Korean short hair with bangs like this is usually pretty just like how Kim Da Mi rocked it in the popular Korean Series, Itaewon Class. For women who don’t like their fringe getting into their face, blunt baby bangs are a good call as given their length, they stop far from the eyebrows.

Things to Consider Before Getting Korean Air Bangs

Before getting these fringes, it is first and foremostly important to consider your face shape. Not all bangs fit every face shape and so identify the type that goes best with your facial features.

Also, consider your hair texture. Although people with thin hair can make their bangs look quite voluminous while people with straight hair can still get curly bangs. As a bonus, you can consider what length of bangs you’ll be most comfortable with. This is because long bangs can get in the way of your vision while full bangs might cause heat to your forehead often.

Either way, Korean air bangs make you seem young, and tidy and not doesn't look as suffocating as other bangs!

The Korean type of bangs is on almost everyone’s mouth. They are chic, and trendy and have a natural aura to them. For people dreaming of travelling to South Korea one day, you can start your dream first by trying out the Korean bangs. After going through the list of what to consider before getting them, you can launch your new look with any bangs you feel would fit you best.