Fashion is all about mixing and matching elements to allow you to express yourself clearly. The different bottleneck bangs trending are all about creating and setting new styles. They are important accessories that many women like to wear on their hair. These pieces of hair can be worn by themselves or they can be styled with other types of haircuts to create an eye-catching look. This article highlights the various types of bangs and how to style them.


What are Bottleneck Bangs?

Bottleneck bangs images have shown them to be face-framing strands of soft, textured hair falling over the forehead. They can be divided in the center to update your bangs if you wish to change the style. Choose these bottle bangs if you want to cover a particular section of your face that you don't feel comfortable baring. These bottle neck bangs help conceal flabby cheeks, a large forehead, and a lot more.

Do Bottleneck Bangs Work on Everyone?


Bottleneck Bangs vs Curtain Bangs?

If you’re more updated in the fashion industry, then you’ll know that curtain bangs are trending just as much as bottleneck bangs. Although they might look similar, they are two different bangs having peculiar features to itself.

Curtain fringes are styled when your hair is parted directly in the center with bangs falling on the left and right side of your face, blending easily with the rest of your hair. For bottleneck bangs, the bangs start quite little from the top of your forehead and progressively get wider before gradually getting smaller again at the ends. The former type of bang is similar to a curtain that is slightly opened while the latter is more like a bottle of coke that goes from narrow to wide to narrow again.

Trendy Ways to Rock with Bottleneck Bangs

Just like how Dakota Johnson bottleneck bangs are being styled, there are so many ways to rock these popular bangs. Each style can be adjusted to fit your hair length, your face shape, and also your hairstyle.


Voluminous Bottleneck Bangs

You need lots of volume and slight swooping forms on each side if you want the classic split-bang effect. A lot of hair is brought forward to make the bangs look so full and this can be seen in the images below! All facial shapes appear better with this type of fringe that are slightly curved to prevent them from laying flat on your forehead.

Bottleneck Split Bangs

This can pass for curtain bottleneck bangs as they are parted at the center slightly to create a little space just like the curtain bangs. It’s more likely to fit faces with an oval shape as it highlights their cheekbones and jawlines while sitting pretty on their eyebrows. You can rock it with either long or short hair and they’re almost as full as voluminous bottleneck bangs.


Choppy Bottleneck Styled Bangs

You can softly chop your bottleneck fringe to add more layers and textures. Choppy bangs are recommended if you’re into having an edgy appearance. The tips of your bangs are cut unevenly and they mostly go with short hairs that have blunt cuts. It is similar to Korean bangs as a substantial amount of Korean women prefer these categories of bangs on their hair. The tips are uneven and stop over their eyebrows but still manage to draw attention to their eyes.

Sleek Bottleneck Bangs

With sleek bottle neck bangs, you can keep your bangs looking thin and style them in a low-profile way to add a gorgeous touch to them. Because there is less volume in these types of sleek bangs, the design is sleek and better suited for fine hair. Also, depending on how you want your mid-day appearance, you can have your hair up or down!

Choppy and Short Bottleneck Fringe

The choppy and short bangs in this case are a little shorter than other types of fringes aforementioned and the ending parts stop directly on your cheekbones. If you love to flaunt your cheeks, this type of bangs length is ideal for you! Also, if you don't like longer bangs that disturb your sight, then it helps keep your fringe far from your eyes. Bottleneck bangs short hair are the perfect pair and this type of fringe also compliments bottleneck bob haircut


Bottleneck Wispy Bangs

For some facial shapes, density and volume might not be the best choice; instead, it is advisable to choose the wispy bottleneck bangs with slight hair at the center of your forehead and a subtle amount of volume on each side. Use a flat iron to style or set your wispy bangs, and be sure to subtly curl the tips. You may achieve a slight split at the center by using a little amount of wax or pomade.

Flippy Bottle Neck Bangs

Just like face framing bangs, If you decide to go with the flippy bottleneck bangs, it is important to choose a length that captures your facial features. If you want little to no skin on your forehead showing, it's the right bangs to go for. It covers a substantial amount of your forehead and goes beyond your eyebrows, showing mainly the lower part of your face. Also similar to face-framing bangs, it connects easily to the rest of your hair in loose curls. Be sure to also consider if it's something the maintenance is something you can put up with.

Bottleneck Bangs Bob Style

Do you love to rock short hair and still want to slay it with bottleneck style? Then the bottleneck bangs bob style is definitely for you. With shoulder-length haircuts combined with this type of bangs, you can create a cute look that effortlessly frames your facial feature. As short haircuts go better with hot weather conditions, it is no surprise that the this bob style is popularly rocked during the summer season. You can create whatever look you desire with this style, be it chic or edgy and it basically fits almost all types of faces.


Not-Center Split Bottleneck Fringe

Don’t want to go with the usual center splits, you can get the side bangs which aren’t very popular but still unique. You can split your bottleneck fringe on the left or right side, unbalancing the hair stands on both sides. This is very suitable for people who wish to hide a scar on a particular side of their forehead or for those who are more confident about a particular side of their face.

Curled Bottle Neck Fringe

Women with natural curls can hop on the train of the curled bottle neck fringe because this look is here to stay. With curly bangs, your bottleneck fringe can either be full or scanty, choosing the one that best fits your style and personality. Also if you have kinky hair, you can slay these bangs by easily bringing little pieces of your hair forward and cutting them right above your eyebrows or even lower, if you so wish. With the center a little short, you can allow the edges of the fringe to blend with the rest of your hair.

Useful Tips on How to Style Your Bottleneck Bangs

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Styling your bottleneck bangs would depend greatly on your hair type. If your hair texture is more of curls and waves, there are products you could apply to them when damp to properly style them. Also, depending on the method you’re more comfortable with, you can opt for the heat styling method by using a flat iron, or if you want an effortless method, you could use the air-styling method. While you use a flat iron and heat protectant for the first styling method, the second just requires using curly hair products for texture and volume before you air dry your bangs.


FAQ: Bottleneck Bangs

Are Bottleneck Bangs Good for Fine Hair?

This particular type of bangs are more suitable for thin hair because their face-framing effect makes your hair seem voluminous. Also, when your hair is packed up, you have a few strands of hair over your forehead that make it appear thick.

Are Bottleneck Bangs High Maintenance?

Compared to blunt bangs or side bangs that are very angled, bottleneck bangs don’t require much maintenance. It doesn’t have precise edges or bluntness that would require much trimming often.

We hope this article has helped highlight the various ways they can be styled, depending on your hair length and texture. As these types of bangs require little maintenance, they’ll be perfect for someone who doesn’t have much time to visit a salon often, just to get a hair trim. There are enough bangs to fit everyone's unique tastes and needs.