Take the playground glamour from last year's hottest trend to every place and event you wish to visit this year. Transform your basic feathered bangs into something more innovative and fun, drawing well-deserved attention. The fenders are trimmed short to flare out just below the cheekbones and show off a hint of your natural side‐swept bangs. If you’re curious about how to achieve such an inspiring look, read further to satisfy your curiosity while also discovering new styles.


What is So Special about Feathered Bangs?

What is So Special about Feathered Bangs?
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If you’re aiming to look good without coming off as putting in too much effort, then you can consider feathered bangs. They always have a fabulous result and you also get to spend less time styling your hair. Another reason why it can be considered special is how it’s not particularly picky of hair length as it would work perfectly fine with both short and long hair.

This type of bang greatly goes well with short bobs, pixie cuts, and even shoulder-length haircuts. In addition to this, it doesn’t draw attention to a particular part of your face but rather compliments your overall look which is quite a plus.


How to Cut Feathered Bangs?

How to Cut Feathered Bangs?
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Want to achieve a new look and you’re wondering how to cut feathered bangs, these easy tips and steps would ease the process.

You can start with owning professional scissors for clear precision cuts. If you have this down, you can then move to the next step by washing and drying your hair. It’s imperative to do this prior to changing your hairstyle as it freshens you up and makes it easy to style the hair from start.

Sectionalized your hair by separating your bangs from the rest of your hair. Grab your scissors and cut your bangs vertically not horizontally. This is quite important. Try to cut a little less than an inch to be able to right the mistakes that may occur.

After cutting your bangs, apply a generous amount of hair gel to them. This should be accompanied by brushing your fringe with a round brush, then you can go ahead to blow dry them. At this point, your feathery-styled bangs are ready to be slayed.

Various Ideas on How to Style Feathered Bangs

Learn how to style feathered bangs easily from the long list of options made available below. Our options are diverse and quite versatile to go with any hair length.


Feathery Bangs with a Shaggy Pixie

Go all in with the shaggy pixie style if you definitely aren’t interested in a cute look. It’s quite charming and captivating, making you appear strong and unfaltering. This type of hair is also perfect for you if you prefer to keep extremely short hair and don’t like to be disturbed by strands of hair falling into your face.

Side Swept Feathered Fringe with Short Hair

Want to highlight a particular side of your face? You can consider the side-swept feathered fringe. It goes really well with short hair and draws attention to the side of the face that’s left uncovered with hair. Depending on your best side, the fringe could either be on your left or right side and also the length of the fringe is usually longer on the side it falls towards.


Feathered Pixie Bob

This is a very simple yet classic style for people who don’t want to look feminine but still want to maintain a certain level of freshness. A plus to the feathered pixie bob is that the fringe can fall directly over your face or could be parted to the left or right side of your face. You can spice things up by dying your hair with two different colours that compliment each other. You can use bright tones for the top part and a darker tone for the lower part of your hair.

Long-Feathered Bang Ideas with Medium Shag

Who says you can’t achieve feathered bangs long hair? If you want to maintain the long length of your hair but still want to combine it with trendy bangs, then that is totally possible. You can cut your hair shoulder length but with uneven ends in a feathery manner so that it blends quite easily with your bangs. With this, you have a complete feather-styled look.

Textured Hair with 70’s Vibes

Go old-school with the feathered bangs 80s. Just that this time around, there’s a modern touch to it. If you want your hair to look voluminous, especially for people with thin hair, this type of bang adds texture to your hair. It’s usually parted to the side, unlike Korean bangs which are always parted at the center.


Long Mullets with Short Feathered Bangs

You can have your bangs extremely short at the front and still have long hair fall from behind. This is the peculiarity of Mullets haircuts just that this one is a little longer. Its beauty comes out more when sharp and intense colours are used on it. Mullets differ from blunt bangs as the latter are cut in a straight line and thicker than the former.

Short and Medium Mullets & Feathered Fringe

Don’t want your mullets long? Then why not cut it a little shorter, if you want it medium length or you can cut it to the extreme if you’re opting for something totally short? Either way, the outcome is always cool and worth the try. You can also have it very full or a little less voluminous depending on your choice.

Long Side Feathered Bangs

This is one of the popular types of bangs that are swept to the side and covers a certain side of the face. Long-side feathered bangs are quite different from the side-swept feathered fringe in that the former falls over the forehead and is quite voluminous and long. The latter is cut a little shorter and isn’t very full as it sleeps on the forehead.


Feathered Curtain Bangs Style

Add feathered cuts to your curtain bangs for better highlighting of your forehead. It softens your appearance and is usually best paired with medium to long hair length styled with loose curls. It makes you look younger and highlights your facial features especially if you have a high cheekbone.

Medium Bob with Feathers

This is your basic bob haircut with a touch of feather cuts at the tip and also in the bangs. Your bangs are almost similar to wispy bangs but cut in an uneven manner. It gives you a youthful look and could also pass as a summer haircut because of its length. You can have the fringe stop right on your eyebrows like french bangs or go a little lower.

The feathered bangs are back in trend but this time a lot more fun and innovative. Join the trend and transform your basic feathered-inspired fringe into something a little bit out of this world. What’s more, is that the stress of looking for ideas has been totally erased thanks to the well-researched ideas provided above. All you need to do is to start styling whichever you wish to give a try!

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