EXPERTISE: Hairstyles
LIVES IN: Poole, England, United Kingdom
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Yanika Cordina, founder of Cordina Hair, is a visionary reshaping hair care. Her breakthroughs, including Flower Curl and Waver Bun, have captivated the beauty world, and featured on BBC UK and Dragons Den.
Her childhood fascination with hair health grew, inspired by her parents. A disappointing salon experience and a desire for effortless bedtime styling ignited her determination. In 2015, an idea for a heatless curler emerged, leading to the revolutionary Flower Curl's birth. Launched in 2018, it gained swift acclaim, securing a Dragons Den deal and sparking viral TikTok trends.
Personal Comment: I suggest everyone try the hairspray by ColourWow as it doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky or stiff.

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