No matter what hair type you have, straight, wavy, or curly, you may need to know how to make curls last longer. To help you with this, we have asked our expert to share some pro tips and insights into maintaining curls so you could extend their longevity without damaging your locks. So, feel free to explore our guide carefully and make sure to thoroughly follow the advice it gives you. This guarantees that your curls will stay defined without losing their bounce for the maximum period possible. And the best part? You will learn how to keep your ringlets not only beautiful but also healthy.


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Promoting Healthy Hair for Long Lasting Curls

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Creating beautiful, long-lasting curls doesn't have to come at the expense of damaging your hair. Many women may not realize that once the hair cuticle is damaged, it’s impossible to restore it back to its original, natural state. At Cordina Hair, we advocate for healthier hair styling options to prevent unnecessary damage and breakage.


Heatless Curls or Heated Curls?

Which option is better for longer-lasting curls?

I recommend heatless curls over heated curls not only because it’s a healthier option, but they also tend to last a lot longer than heated curls. Hair tools that can be left in the hair for several hours or overnight allow the hair to set in a curling position for a longer period of time, resulting in a more long-lasting effect. As such, the secret to how to make heatless curls last longer is in using the right tools. The Flower Curl is my favorite hair tool for curling hair, as it can be comfortably worn during the day and overnight. It sits on top of the scalp, freeing the sides of the face, back of the neck, and ears, which means the user can roll from side to side in their sleep without having the curler get in the way.

Don’t Rush Through the Hair Curling Process

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Before starting, ensure that your hair is dry, brushed out, and free from any tangles. Divide your hair evenly and wrap it properly around the heatless hair curler to achieve a satisfactory end result. Rushing through the curling process may not give you the desired result with how to make your curls last longer.


Do You Start with Dry, Damp, or Wet Hair?

I highly recommend starting with completely dry hair when curling it. Damp hair can be unpredictable, as it may not dry properly or may dry in a strange position, causing kinks in the hair. Curls formed on damp hair can also result in an unmanageable result and are also more prone to frizz. Here is how to make my curls last longer for the best results:

  • Start off with completely dry hair.

  • Then, very lightly apply water to the length of the hair, ensuring it doesn't feel wet or damp. A little goes a long way!

  • Finally, wrap the hair in the curler and leave it in overnight or for at least 6 hours.

This method allows you to create more defined curls, which also helps with how to make curls last longer.

Avoid Excessive Product Application

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Overloading your hair with hair spray, mousses, and creams can cause your curls to become heavy and weighed down. Instead of achieving long-lasting curls, you might end up with stiff, unmanageable hair or no curls at all! So how to make curls last longer without hairspray? It is recommended to keep it simple and refrain from applying excessive product to your hair. Aim for a light and bouncy feel, allowing you to effortlessly run your fingers through your curls without getting stuck. It's important to note that many setting hair products contain alcohol, which can be drying and damaging to your hair. Therefore, exercise caution and avoid overusing such products.


Styling Sprays for Longer Lasting Curls

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To enhance the longevity of your curls, opt for a high-quality hair spray.

  • Apply the spray when your hair is fully wrapped in the curler and leave it in overnight.

  • After wearing the curler overnight or for a number of hours during the day, lightly spray a small amount before unraveling the curls.

  • Allow the spray to set for 10-15 minutes before releasing the hair from the curler.

To Brush or Not to Brush the Curls?

If you desire softer-looking curls, brushing them out can help you achieve that effect. However, it's important to note that this may cause the curls to drop more quickly as the curl pattern has been stretched out giving the curls a softer-looking finish. To prevent this, I recommend using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently separate and open the curls.

Don’t Play with Your Hair!

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Once you have achieved the perfect curl, it can be tempting to constantly touch and play with your hair. However, excessive touching can lead to an oily scalp and dry ends. Furthermore, continuously fiddling with your curls will cause them to drop more quickly. To maintain the longevity of your heatless curls, it is advisable to refrain from touching your hair. Instead, in the same way as how to make natural curls last longer, opt for a simple half up half down heatless curl hairstyle, secured with a pretty hair clip.

Now that you know how to make curls last longer, you may not worry that your strands will fall flat a few moments after curling them. As you can tell, by following several simple yet effective steps, it is possible to achieve quite an impressive result. So, do not let anything stop you from wearing your locks the way you like.