The hair fashion industry is full of all sorts of hairdressing tips, styling ideas, and inspirational designs. However, the question that bothers many - how much to tip hairdresser – usually remains in the shadows. Some people overpay their stylists, while others ignore the notion entirely. Surely, it depends upon your preferences as to which route to take. Yet, there are alternative ways to deal with the matter, and we will discuss them below!


How Much Should You Tip a Hairdresser for a Haircut?

Tip to Hairdresser: All Secrets Disclosed

Before you learn how much to tip hair stylist, it’s essential to ensure that you know what the tip notion stands for. The fact is that every salon has its listed process for every type of procedure. Therefore, tips for hairstylists are the amount you add on top of the stated cost. Think of it, as you would tip a waiter in the restaurant, you overpay slightly so that the tip goes straight to the stylist.

Hair stylist tip chart includes over main types of tips:

Salon Tipping Cheat Sheet
Poor Service 10% Tip
Good Service 15% Tip
Amazing Service 20+% Tip


When do you leave 10% tip?

The fact is that this type of tip is the most unwanted since it tells the hairdresser that you don’t appreciate the effort put in the result achieved. Besides, often stylist share their tipping info and clients that are considered ‘cheap’ aren’t that lucky to book another appointment at the salon. However, if you were in for just a simple trim or the procedure wasn’t tiresome and long, you can use the 10%-rule.

When do you leave 15% tip?

That is one of the most acceptable tip types, so if you are in for a regular procedure, you can leave the 15% without making the hairstylist feel unappreciated or offended.


When do you leave 20% tip?

The tip range is higher than average but most regular who visit the same stylist for years stick to it. If you are fully satisfied with each outcome and want to maintain that relationship between you and the stylist, the 20% tip is the one to stick to.

When do you tip over 20%?

This tip range is rather rare. Only if you feel that the job done exceeds all the highest expectations that you’ve head heading to the salon, then you can be that generous.


How Much to Tip for a Hair Color Service?

How much should you tip a hairdresser for a haircut?

The tipping chart for the coloring services remains the same as the one you would use or a hairdresser. However, in case you spend over 3-4 hours in the salon, and you truly love the shading that the expert has done, you may increase your tip to about 25%. Yet, when it comes to how to tip at a salon, you should judge how you feel about the service and result. The less you are satisfied with it, the lower can be the tip.

Should You Tip the Shampoo Person?

When you know how much to tip for haircut or coloring session, there is one more person who may take part in the process – a shampoo person. In case you are sure that the stylist and the assistant share the tips, you can throw some extras into the tip you give to the hairdresser. However, if you are not sure about it, you can give the assistant around $5-$10, depending upon the time they spend working with you.

Do You Tip the Owner of a Hair Salon?

How much to tip hairdresser for cut if they own the salon as well? The answer is simple, if the owner does the job, you should treat them as the specialist and no one else. In case the owner is just there sitting in the corner and watching others do their jobs, there is no point in offering the owner anything.


In Case You Don’t Like the Result

How much to tip hairdresser for cut and color if the result does not meet your expectations? The simplest answer would be – nothing. What is the point of paying for something you don’t like? Does your manager pay you for the work that you don’t do? Well, you get the drill. The best way to tip a stylist with whose work you are not satisfied with is to point out the things that could have been done differently so that they improve the next time.

How much to tip hairdresser? For the most part, it depends upon the way you feel like. However, the average acceptable tip is around 15%, and you should keep that in mind when heading to the salon the next time.

FAQ - how much to tip hairdresser


How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

The average acceptable tip for a haircut is 15%-20%, so you are expected to tip the stylist around $3-$4 correspondingly.

Do you tip a self-employed hairdresser?

How much should you tip your hairdresser if they are self-employed? The fact is that these people come up with their price lists compiled according to their needs and preferences. Thus the tip is potentially included. Therefore, you don’t have to tip such a professional.

Do you tip at Supercuts?

The truth is that most of what the Supercuts professionals make is tipped by their customers. So, adding a 15%-20% is an excellent way to indicate your appreciation and satisfaction with the result.

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