Not everyone knows exactly how to clean hair brushes, let alone combs. However, you should not neglect this stage of your personal hygiene routine, as using a dirty hair brush may be unhealthy for your hair and scalp. The thing is all of the hair products that you use along with oils, dust and dirt that are stuck in the brush are put back in your hair. So it will not happen, you need to keep your brushes clean. And to help you out with this, we have prepared the following guide, which includes the most effective ways of how to clean your hair brushes at home as well as the best tools to do it.


How Often Should You Clean Your Brushes And Combs?

There are several factors that contribute to how often you should clean your hairbrush or comb, with a hair product type and the frequency of its use being the most important. So, if you tend to apply a styling gel/wax, spray or cream to your hair on a regular basis, then you should clean your brushes every week. In case you use hair products moderately, then it is advised to clean the brush at least once in two or three weeks, as grime and oils can still accumulate on your scalp. As for the hairs that get stuck in your brush bristles, you should take care to remove them daily.



To give you the full insight into how to clean your hair brushes, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the matter below.

How To Get Hair Out Of A Hairbrush?

Before learning how to clean a hairbrush or comb from grease and dirt buildup, you need to understand how to remove hair that has accumulated in it. So, how do you get hair out of your hairbrush? The easiest way to do it is with the help of your fingers. Just pull the hairs stuck in the bristles of your hairbrush away and you are all set. If not all of the hair removes with your fingers easily, then you can cut it loose using scissors. Finally, use the tip of a rat tail comb or a special hairbrush cleaner tool to pick up the latched on strands.

What To Soak Hair Brushes In To Clean Them?

Now that they are free from excess hair, how do you deep clean hair brushes? First, you need to make a special solution that will help you to dissolve the dirt. So, what to soak hair brushes in to clean them? Usually, a clearing shampoo or detergent, mixed with lukewarm water, is more than enough. However, you can also use vinegar, baking soda and dryer sheets to make your comb or hair brush cleaner.

So, here is how to clean hair brushes with vinegar. Mix vinegar with warm water in a ratio of one to one and soak the brushes in the solution for two to three hours and rinse them afterward. However, it is important to take into account the kind of brushes you have. For a brush with a wooden body, the mixture should be as dry as possible. So, it is better to use another method, such as the following.

Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and add a teaspoon of mild shampoo. Apply the mixture to your hairbrush with the help of a toothbrush and rub it a bit. Rinse the brush under warm water and let it dry. And that is how to clean hair brushes with baking soda.

Finally, here is how to clean hair brushes with dryer sheets. Fill in a bowl with warm water and put a couple of dryer sheets into it. Immerse the brushes into the solution and leave them in for two or three hours. Rinse them in water then and allow to dry.

Can A Dirty Hairbrush Cause Hair Loss? Maintenance

It comes as no surprise that a clean hair brush is much more pleasing to the eye than a dirty one. But is it only a matter of aesthetics or health as well? Can a dirty hairbrush cause hair loss? And what about split ends? Rather indirectly, but it can. A clean hairbrush prevents oils, dirt and hair products from building up on your scalp by distributing them evenly along your hair and removing the excess.

Also, it stimulates the circulation of the blood, thus being a great way of how to make your hair grow faster. When you use a dirty brush, it does not manage to remove the grime properly, causing it to deposit in your roots. As a result, hair follicles get blocked and hairs start to fall out. So that it will not happen, you should keep your brushes clean and tidy.

How Often Should You Replace Your Hairbrush? Maintenance

No matter how well you take care of your hairbrush, its service life may come to an end at some point. And that is when it makes sense to get a new hairbrush. But how often should you replace your hairbrush? Once you notice that you cannot make the comb or hairbrush cleaner, as the buildup does not remove or its bristles look parted and/or melted, it is time to go shopping for a new hairbrush. On average, a quality hair brush may serve for several years.

Best Tools For Cleaning

While it is crucial to know how to clean hair brushes and combs, you should not forget about a special tool that makes the cleaning process easier and more effective. To help you with the choice, we have selected the best hairbrush cleaner tool options and reviewed them below.


Trounistro 10 Pieces Hair Brush Cleaning Cleaner Tool For Home and Salon Use

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If you need a hair brush cleaning tool that is both for home and professional use, then take a look at the Trounistro set. In the box, you will receive a ten piece set, consisting of five double-headed brushes for hair cleaning in black and five mini brushes for hair cleaning in pink. In addition to this, it also offers simplicity and convenience of usage. All you have to do is to remove the hair from your brush using the plastic side of the black brush, its bristle side and the pink brush one after another. Besides, high quality material they are made of guarantees that these tools will stand you in really good stead.

Luwigs Hair Brush And Comb Cleaner

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The Luwigs hair brush and comb cleaner inevitably gives you a bang for your buck. While the design is simple, the tool itself is very effective. It removes the hair from your brush in a blink of an eye. Moreover, the wooden handle and metal wire rake have top quality, so you can rest assured that it is not going to break anytime soon.


The Claw

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You can never go wrong with the Claw Brush Cleaner. In addition to being portable and lightweight, it is made of sturdy plastic. Thus, it is made to last for ages. Though, its greatest advantage is that it works for every brush and comb type existing, from plastic and boar bristle hair brushes to pet brushes and combs for matted hair.

Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner

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When it comes to the negative/ positive sides of the Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner, we can only name the latter, as there is nothing bad to say about it. Convenient and easy, high quality and effective, it offers you everything you would expect from a hair cleaning tool. As it is double sided, it is suitable for cleaning any types of brushes and combs. With the bigger side, you will remove hairs that are stuck and the majority of buildup, whereas the smaller side allows you to get into the most difficult to reach areas.

Zroven Plastic Hair Brush Cleaning Tool

BUY on Amazon In comparison to others, the Zroven Hair Brush Cleaning Tool is the most pocket friendly. Though, its low price does not affect the quality in any way. Made of a sturdy and long lasting material, it works for all types of hair brushes. What is more, its compact size and light weight allow you to carry it with you when traveling.

On that note, we hope you have no more questions about how to clean hair brushes and combs. Remember that clean brushes guarantee that they function properly. So, you will make the most of them for your hair.