Original Ombre Hair Colors With Color Chalk For Halloween Party

Unusual ombre hair colors are very popular these days. But not every one of us can afford such a daring look to pull it off in everyday life. The reasons for that are numerous, we won’t dive into them. Instead, we will present to your attention something more temporary without any damage involved. Plus, your Halloween party will be remembered for sure!


Pennywise Clown Look With Red Ombre

Halloween is the best time to show everyone that clownesses have a dark side too. If Pennywise were a woman, how would he look like? We want you to find out! And badass red ombre with darker roots is the finishing touch that your horror clown look can’t do without.

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Cheshire Cat With Pink Ombre

You know that pink and purple are the most popular ombre hair colors, especially when it comes to Halloween. But while most girls go for this combination because they want to create a common mermaid look, you can show your appreciation of the good old Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire cat look is undoubtedly a unique idea which pink ombre will perfectly complement.

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Colored Ombre For Harley Quinn

Even though you may come across dozens of Harley Quinns at one Halloween party, the sexy and sassy look is so irresistible that girls will never stop pulling it off. Well, we understand why! The double ponytails with soft pink and blue ombre hair colors are to die for.

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Unicorn Halloween Look And Rose Ombre

A unicorn look without colorful ombre hair colors is a Halloween look wasted! Rose ombre, where hair is colored strand by strand, will get on well with some green, blue, and violet strands. Also, since you’re working with chalks, you can create a hidden ombre so that the play of colors will be shown underneath your natural base.

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Doll Halloween Makeup And Rainbow Hair

We all loved to play with dolls, so why don’t you become one for this party? When we think of childhood memories, everything seems so colorful and bright. That means your makeup and ombre should feature as many eye-catching colors as possible. You can start with a pink base that gradually becomes violet and then turns into a faded blue with green ends.

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Cartoon Makeup With Rose to Peach Ombre

Cartoon makeup has become very popular these days: it looks really fascinating and multidimensional. To spice up such a modern idea, consider mixing some warm tones that you wouldn’t mix in real life; it’s a cartoon, after all. For example, red roots and peach ombre will work unbelievably beautiful.

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Gamora Halloween Look And Burgundy Ombre

No wonder you’d like to steal Gamora’s look for this Halloween party, as everything in her appearance is so daring and magnificent. Some deep and rich ombre hair colors will nicely accentuate the green makeup, so don’t forget about the wonderful burgundy shades.

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Sexy Vampire With Emerald Ombre

Have you ever seen a vampire look with emerald ombre? Let’s be honest, such looks are usually all about dark colors, so this color combination is just sensational. Emphasize the coldness of the vampire’s skin by pulling off a cooler version of emerald hues.

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Green Ombre For Mermaid Look

This is officially the most unusual and attention-grabbing mermaid look ever! The washed out blue roots that smoothly transit into faded green ombre leaves us no choice but to yield to this charm. With blue skin and lots of glitters on your body, the world should prepare as this look will take it over.

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From Blue To Purple Ombre For Galaxy Skull

The beauty of galaxy colors is just infinite, so making them a part of your Halloween look is always a good idea. Galaxy skull makeup, where blue and purple colors prevail, will look better if it’s framed with ombre of these two colors. You can’t have too much blue and purple!

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Blonde Ombre For Indian Halloween Look

If you’re going to show up with an Indian look, keep in mind that your hair should look natural. Some makeup and accessories can be brighter, yet your task is to keep everything authentic, so a soft blonde ombre is a win-win for you.

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Rainbow Clown Skull With Blue Ombre

Clown skull looks are the real masterpieces: they can scare and captivate people at the same time. So here comes the neon blue ombre that will perfectly highlight the colors of your makeup while being the brightest detail.

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Double Colors

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As for easy Halloween hairstyles, we would like to point out the Harley Quinn look. For sure the Suicide Squad’s villain/hero hairstyle is what you need to look sassy and unforgettable.

Horror Hair

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Not only fancy ombre hairstyles can be achieved with the help of color chalk. How do you feel about going to the dark side? Yes? Then paint your hair green and opt for the almighty and scary Mr. Joker look!


Halloween Short Hair

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It seems that short hair is boring when it comes to Halloween. And that is where you are wrong. Upgrade your scary nurse look with Monroe-like hair with some blood smeared over it. Still think it is boring? We bet you do not!

Interesting Ombre Hair Colors For Halloween Party

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Of course, Halloween is not all about the scary and horrifying hairstyles. You can opt for something as cute as this combo of sweet purple hair and starry makeup. What would you call it – galaxy hair?

Halloween Ombre Looks With Flowers

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Fairy-like hairstyles are very popular these days, but how to bring them to the dark side when the Halloween comes? Well, in our opinion, adding some disheveled look to the hair and dark, scary makeup will totally do. What do you think?


Fairy Ombre Colors

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In case your costume is fairy-like, one of these looks can totally complement it.