If you want to take your balayage or highlights to another level, a root smudge is your way to go. This is a modern approach to hair dyeing that allows you to create a smooth transition between the root color and the rest of the hair. The final result comes out natural and soft. What is more, thanks to a smudge root, the maintenance of your hair color is effortless. Already intrigued? Then wait no longer to study the guide we prepared for you below. It covers every detail you should know about root smudging and as a bonus, you get the dreamiest hair color ideas.


What Is A Root Smudge?

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But first things first, what is a root smudge? This is a hair dyeing technique that implies blending your natural color into highlighted strands seamlessly. Because the transition is gradual, the root smudge hair color lasts noticeably longer compared to other highlighting techniques. As such, with highlights, you need to visit your colorist for upkeep every 4-8 weeks, whereas the smudge root allows you to extend the period between your hair salon appointments up to 3-6 months. So, if you are looking for a hair color style that would be long lasting while looking soft and natural, a root smudge is your sure bet.


How Does A Root Smudge Differ From A Shadow Root?

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You may have heard about other hair dyeing or highlighting techniques, such as a shadow root. Yet, you should not confuse the two. The main difference between a root smudge vs shadow root is in the way highlights are applied. For a root shadow, the bleach is applied by tapping motion right to the roots, as opposed to a root melt, where you drag the color down the strands. As a result, you get an ultra dimensional and deep color on top, which grows out naturally and seamlessly. Also, it is a more preferable option for women who have very light hair. Thus, unlike a smudge icy blonde shadow root comes out more defined with highlights reaching the top and shadows peeking out from underneath.

How Do A Root Smudge And Balayage Differ?

Those who prefer adding highlights to their hair so that they would blend in naturally usually choose between root smudge and balayage hair coloring techniques. Thus, it makes sense to know the difference between them. When you ask for a balayage, your colorist paints highlights into your locks. And if you request a smudge, they will also add color to the roots.


Why You Should Get A Root Smudge?

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There are plenty of reasons to get a root melt. If you have highlights, balayage, or ombre hair color, melting will make the color of your roots blend into the strands more gradually. So, as your hair grows out, the transition is less noticeable since it does not feature any harsh lines. This makes your hair color unbelievably long-lasting and easy to maintain. Normally, you should touch up your hair color every 6-8 weeks. But when getting a root melt blonde and fair-haired women may not need upkeep for 3 to 6 months.

As it makes your initial hair color deeper and more dimensional without overdoing it, color melting allows you to correct it by either adding tones that you want to enhance or concealing the undesirable ones. As such, you get a natural “lived in” color at the roots with balayage or highlights on the ends, which looks refreshing and bright.

How Do You Root Smudge The Hair?

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If you have ever had your gray hair retouched, then you already know how to do a root smudge. Yet, no matter whether you root smudge blonde or brown hair, you should apply highlights to it beforehand. Also, a more preferable way to use the technique is when your hair is damp. The colorist will then comb your hair down a little to distribute the color evenly using either a comb with wide teeth or a Wet Brush, depending on their preferences.

The dye used for a root melt is usually demi-permanent or permanent. If you have gray outgrown roots and balayage or highlights, then you may want to use a permanent hair dye to blend the demarcation line. In other cases, a demi-permanent hair dye will work just fine.

Not only can you root smudge platinum blonde and fair hair but brunette as well. Color smudging allows you to create a seamless transition from your dark color to lighter shades. With the help of this technique, you will be able to achieve depth without drastic contrast. On top of that, you can use more than one color for root melting, creating a multi-dimensional color.


Mind Blowing Ideas For A Root Smudge Hair Color

So that your root smudge before and after photos would make everyone envy, you may need a portion of inspiration. For this reason, we have put together the most awe inspiring root melt ideas for every hair color, from platinum blonde to brunette. So, you will be able to find an option that matches your taste and needs.

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It already goes without saying that if you have balayage or highlights, then a root smudge is a must for you. This hair dyeing technique makes your hair color look natural and soft. So, if this is what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to book an appointment with your hair colorist.


How Long Does a Root Smudge Last?

On average, you may expect a root smudge to last anywhere between 2 and 3 months without touch ups. This period may vary depending on your initial hair color and how thoroughly you follow aftercare recommendations.

Does Root Smudge Wash Out?

Like all hair dyes, a root smudge hair color washes out over time. However, because the demarcation line is blended, the fading of color will not be particularly noticeable.

Can I Do a Root Smudge at Home?

While it is possible to do a root smudge at home, it is always better to entrust the task to a professional if you want to achieve the best result. However, if you decided to do it yourself, it is a good idea to check out a step-by-step tutorial first.

When to Do a Shadow Root?

A shadow root should be performed after you have had your highlights painted or balayage applied. As it is aimed at eliminating demarcation lines, you need to see where they can potentially show up.

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