Short red hair is something that not every woman would dare to pick. Nevertheless, it is a huge trend nowadays. A couple of hundred years ago women with this hair color were considered to know witchcraft. Thanks God that time is gone. Things have changed in a totally opposite way. In the 21-st century men consider redheads to be the sexiest. Probably they still have a little something going on that makes them a man magnet.


Bright Look With Short Red Hair

Red and Pink Braided Bob
by @thehairygodmotherr
Bright Look with Short Red Hair picture 2
by @Off7thsalon

And ladies with heart shaped faces should not opt for cuts that make a crown very voluminous. Is your face shape long? Then stick straight hairstyles are definitely not for you as these can elongate your face even more.


Cute Curly Red Hair

Dark Red Wavy Hair
by @hairbyclairperez
Cute Curly Red Hair picture 2
by @Saraihairwizard
Cute Curly Red Hair picture 3
by @gitty_und_goeff

Not to accentuate your round face, never get your hair cut shorter than medium length. If your face is square, stay away from bangs that are straight across, and chin-length and pixie haircuts.

Short Red Hair Bob

Short Red Hair Bob picture 1
by @Dmr319
Short Red Hair Bob picture 3
by @Girrlscout

Short haircuts are the most passionate, daring, and hot. Of course, you can take it to the next level. A fringe is the most popular feature of this haircut. If you want to go even farther, try out ombre dying.


Lovely Short Red Haircuts

Lovely Short Red Haircuts picture 1
by @Hairbyelm
Lovely Short Red Haircuts picture 3
by @Hairbyelm

Contrary to the common belief, short hairstyles have many styling options. You can try messy hair, sleek hair and a lot more. By the way, tight curls are just the cutest for short red hair.

Sassy Short Red Hair

Sassy Short Red Hair picture 1
by @lilyblanchet
Sassy Short Red Hair picture 2
by @jenschmierer
Sassy Short Red Hair picture 3
by @haileymahonehair

And now let’s see which haircut to get for your red hair depending on the shape of your face. If your face is round, look for a cut that makes your face appear a bit angled.


Red Color Shades For Short Hair

Red Color Shades for Short Hair picture 2
by @samihairmagic
Red Color Shades for Short Hair picture 3
by @alter_ego_studio_salon

A voluminous crown and a medium length hairstyle will draw the accent upwards. Also, you might opt for blunt bangs. It’s a good idea to add much texture and loose waves and thus soften your appearance.

Ruby Red For Incredible Look

Ruby Red For Incredible Look
by @asil
Ruby Red For Asymmetrical Undercut
by @presleypoe

Ruby shades are gorgeous. If you want deeply saturated hair color, choose ruby red and attract the attention of all around. Also, you can highlight some strands with bright red color for more lush hair look.

Red In Combination With Dark Brown Hair Color

Red In Combination With Dark Brown Hair Color
by @girrlscout
Red Color In Combination With Brown Hair
by @presleypoe
Red In Combination With Brown Curly Hair
by @monarchhairco

If you do not dare to color you all hair in red, choose one of these techniques. Ombre, separately colored strands and any type of color combination with red look fresh and trendy. Let's experiment with color!


Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob With Bangs #shorthair #redhair #haircolor
by @presleypoe
Straight Stacked Bob #shorthair #redhair #haircolor
by @presleypoe
Stacked Bob #shorthair #redhair #haircolor
by @headrushdesigns

When you pull off a dramatic, fiery shade, the right haircut that can enhance the play of colors is a must for you. And you know what? Nothing can beat the way the volumetric crowns of stacked bobs intensify the magnificent charm of red colors.

Layered Red Pixie

Short Layered Red Pixie #shorthair #redhair #haircolor
by @headrushdesigns

Layers are the best weapon to make the color you rock even more dynamic, alive, and dimensional. On short haircuts like pixies, layers appear even sharper, which is a win for those who want their textures accentuate their colors.

FAQ: Short Red Hair

Does short hair look good on redheads?

Short and medium wavy and curly hairstyles are the best options for redheads. For example, we’re enamored with Christina Hendricks‘s huge waves with textured ends. Green clothes are an excellent choice for redheads.

Does red hair mean anything?

Ladies who opt to get their hair dyed bright red are known for their boldness. Red is a symbol of both courage and sexuality. It is the color of blood, love and passion, and it is a stunning color. Red is energizing, and anyone who wears it must be strong and self-confident.

Do redheads have anger issues?

Red hair is caused by a recessive gene that affects around 2% of the people living on Earth. Only ten years ago, this rare chromosome responsible for red hair was discovered. Also, it’s usually more difficult for boys to grow up with reddish hair than it is for girls. Many redheads have a terrible reputation for being irritable.