It’s high time to experiment with hair and violet hair color might be the perfect option. This non-conventional hair color will look nice on brown and dark and ash blonde hair. If it is not extravagant enough for you, try to add violet and other shades in this gamma to balayage. You will get the most amazing gradient of your natural hair transitioning into violet.


Violet Ombre Hair Color

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Glamorous Violet Hair Color Ideas

Violet balayage hair color will definitely make a statement. It transforms your dim look in a blink of an eye. The most important rule to stick to in creating a violet balayage is that a matte finish should be reached. This is what makes this ‘do glamorous.


Violet Hair Color with Braids

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Hair color ideass are extremely creative nowadays. Conventional colors are a thing of the past now. In the streets, we can observe more and more women of different age sporting pink, violet, blue, vibrant red and a lot more.

Violet Hair Color Ideas

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There are also several tricks that can help you to minimize the damage caused to your hair while bleaching before dyeing it purple. The first method is very easy as it involves coconut oil that can be found at any store.


Violet Ombre in a Mix with Other Colors

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Let us see how it works. For example, you will get your hair bleached tomorrow. Then you will need unrefined and pure coconut oil. Apply it to your tresses, from roots to ends. Cover your hair with something, like a special shower cap.

Stunning Ideas for Your Purple Color

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Leave the oil in until the morning. The oil should remain in the hair during the bleaching process, as well. The oil will prevent the bleach from damaging your scalp and tresses. And ladies who have curly hair even notice that the oil speeds up the bleaching.


Interesting Purple Hairstyles

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Once you get your mesmerizing shade of violet hair, think of how you can enhance its beauty. Of course, nothing will work better than creative hairstyles that accentuate your color transformation! Pastel highlights look radiant when they’re styled messily. If you rock a balanced violet ombre, you will love how wavy or curly texture brings it out. And those who are into vibrant colors should wear their color looks on straight texture.

Violet And Blue Highlights

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Violet And Blue Highlights #violethair #haircolor
Violet And Blue Highlights For Long Hair #violethair #haircolor
Violet And Blue Highlights For Long Wavy Hair #violethair #haircolor

There’s no need to tell you how popular the combination of blue and purple is these days. Since violet is a purple hue, you won’t go wrong pairing it with a touch of blue shade! For the most dimensional and dynamic looks, highlights will be the best choice. Wondering how to make the color play even bigger? Just wave your locks and see the difference.

FAQ: Violet Hair Color

What is Ash violet hair color?

Silver purple hair combines the two tones to create a cool, smokey pastel or metallic variation of lavender and grey. This new trendy hairstyle is unconventional but attractive on all skin tones. It is a very pleasant color, and it is also great hair color inspiration.

What does purple fade to in hair?

Purple hair color usually fades to a lighter shade of purple at first, but depending on the purple shade you select, you may notice blue or even red tints. According to color mixology, red and blue produce purple, thus purple hair colors will almost certainly contain both blue and red pigments.

What color cancels out purple in hair?

Depending on how deep the purple in your hair is that you need to get rid of, use yellow or orange colors to cancel it out. If you want to get rid of a light purple, use an orange color, but if you want to cancel out a dark purple, try a yellow color.