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Silver Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Source: saraontheinternet via Instagram

Silver Pixie Cut with Long Bangs #pixiecut #longpixie #shorthaircuts #blondehair

This long pixie cut with bangs has layers and edges to frame the face. The bangs draw attention to the eyes. This cut tapers up to a desirable top length, and the various edges of the cut provide volume and depth to this model’s hair. The beautiful silver color on her hair continues the contrast theme adding additional depth to this cut. If you choose to get a silver hair color, it is suggested that you use purple shampoo to extend the life of your color.

Long Pixie Cut For Fine Hair

Source: saraontheinternet via Instagram

Long Pixie Cut For Fine Hair #finehair #pixiecut #shorthair

This is an excellent long pixie cut for fine hair. This model’s curls add volume to her fine hair type. Although this is an exceptionally cute cut, it may not work as well for you, if you don’t have the proper face shape. The model’s long top length is accentuated by the deep side part that also plays a role in volumizing fine hair. This style with its side part allows the curls to cascade, giving an illusion of thicker hair.

How To Style A Long Pixie Cut

Source: lauraescanes via Instagram

How To Style A Long Pixie Cut #longpixie #shorthaircuts #pixiecut #platinumblonde

Figuring out how to style a long pixie cut can be a painful learning experience. Especially if you’ve been used to styling your long hair, you will certainly be in for a shock. You will transform from styling the long clean hair to learning how to style short dirty hair that is moldable. Clean short hair will do nothing but fall flat. You will also use totally different types of hair products. This model’s white blonde hair is styled in a beautiful side swept fashion. The color contrast of her hair with her darker complexion creates an interesting combination.

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