The world isn’t split into good and evil, so even charming and feminine women have dramatic, fiery sides; and shaved head hairstyles are meant to show it off. Although a decade ago shaved styles used to be associated with brutal punks, today it’s another way for women to express their wild and dynamic personalities.


Your hair is the most significant detail of your style that tells people who you really are. For that reason, we’ve selected the most eye-catching, dramatic, and unique hairstyles with half shaved head designs. Once you feel the need for going bold, feel free to steal those ideas!

Consider This Before Getting A Side Shaved

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Though getting a half head shaved may seem to be a spontaneous, impulsive decision, in fact, it requires a very thoughtful approach. Moreover, it’s more of a commitment that involves regular upkeep and maintenance routine. But don’t jump into conclusions: wearing such haircuts is not a total sacrifice. Here are the basics you should keep in mind to know what to expect and how to keep up with the amazing new look.

  • Getting a side shave and a half shaved head are not the same things.

    The very first thing you should decide is how much hair you want to shave. You can either go for a side shave or half-shaved style, where the former involves shaving off one side of the head and the latter implies cutting most of the hair from the center.
  • Prepare to maintain the look every two or three weeks.

    After two weeks, the perfectly defined, outlined side will start to stick out and hence become thicker and more visible. If you don’t want to get back to your regular one-length look, make sure to maintain the shaved portion. The best thing is, you can do it yourself. Of course, if you feel that your eyes are not that sharp, you can ask a hairdresser for help.
  • Conservative people are most likely to find your look inappropriate.

    Let’s face it, there are lots of people who aren’t used to changes, not to mention drastic ones. Just be ready to catch not only envious but also surprised eyes.
  • You can always hide the shaved side.

    If you hesitate to show up with your shaved masterpiece, you can pull the longer locks forward and cover the shaved portion. Also, you can put your hair into a low ponytail, which is way easier and more comfortable.
  • All in all, half shaved hairstyles are super fashionable today.

    Coming across a girl with half shaved head won’t be a total confusion to most people, as more and more celebrities and pop icons are showing up with such hairstyles. Moreover, such famous girls as Rihanna, Natalie Dormer, and Miley Cyrus have proven that getting a punk-inspired style doesn’t make them look less feminine. Therefore, don’t get intimidated by the fact that you don’t see such styles on every single girl. The truth is, not every girl is brave enough to go for impressive changes!


Short Half Shaved Head Cuts

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First things first, let's start your journey to shaved-cut inspiration with the very classic version also known as female undercut! You're going to see how you can add a sassy flair to your pixie of bob, as well as let your punky soul speak through your look!

Half Shaved Pixie Cut

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All pixie haircuts are destined to have all eyes on them, no doubts. Can you imagine what would happen to yours if you combined it with a shaved part?


Swept Back & Shaved

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Creating a voluminous, swept-back style is another awesome thing you can do with your shaved pixie!

Black Pixie With Hair Tattoo

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One of the greatest things about rocking a half-shaved head is that you create an endless playground for your hair experiments. As a matter of fact, switching your creativity mode is enough to give life to various custom hair tattoos that will leave people speechless. This jet black pixie with a distinctive, textured top and unique hair design on the side is an example of how far you can go with your imagination if you let it fly.


Rainbow Mohawk

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As you know, the classic Mohawk features bald or closely buzzed sides to make the top stand out. For the top, you can add some bright colors. As for the sides, you need to make them as tight as possible. Also, don’t forget to put a signature: some shaved elements will work perfectly.

Short Half Shaved Style + Bright Design

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The more colors, the better! Don’t forget about this rule when going creative with your half shaved head design.

Dramatic Mohawk

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If you’re one of those people who still think that Mohawks work well for men only, this pic will prove you otherwise. This clean, edgy, and super fresh idea shows the trend in a totally new light!


Short, Half Shaved & Contrastive

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When going for contrasts, why not make them big? The blonde top falling on the darker sides is far more creative than leaving the roots dark.

Disconnected & Half Shaved Hairstyle + Razored Line

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Here’s how dramatic your mane will look once you shave the bottom portion completely. To accentuate the look, finish it with such a minimalist hair design as a razored line.

Messy & Punky Mohawk

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While most ladies add just a hint of messiness, you can reveal its full potential by shaving off one side and tousling the top as much as you can. How do you like this fresh take at the Mohawk, by the way?


Short Shaved Bob + Shaved Stripes

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If a shaved half head is not enough for you to individualize your bob, you can customize the shaved section as well. Some shaved stripes with different fades between them would be a stunning choice.

Chic Half Shaved Bob

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Those who don’t want to go too much with half head shaved haircuts can go for a well-balanced half shaved bob. It will not only allow you to hide the shaved part but also will nicely blend with the curvy top.

Swept Back Half Shaved Cut

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Instead of a full clean shave for the sides that work for contrasts, you can make your shaved look more moderate with a buzz. By the way, it’s a nice move for girls who don’t want to make the sides too tight for the sake of balance in their facial features. A swept-back top would be the best finish for such rough graduation, especially if the roots are a bit darker than the rest of the hair.


Sleek Layered Short Bob

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Not a pixie and not a bob as well: it’s something in the perfect middle. Once you shave off one side on your bob, you will see it turn into a game-changing fusion of the two hottest cuts of the year. Paired with layers and balayage, the cut will give an additional oomph to the roots. Some sleekness and edgy ends will also be nice finishing touches to this look.

Bald & Shaved

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When playing with half-shaved head designs, you are the one who sets the rules, remember? Therefore, the sides will end and begin just where you want them to. For a more jaw-dropping outline, you can literally make some section bald, drawing a brand new silhouette for your sides. And don’t forget to part the top to the side: you need to show off that creative twist, after all!

Shaggy Side Part

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In case you’re not sure if you want to make a half-shaved look your go-to for good, you can go for its moderate tapered version. A tapered texture will grow out pretty fast and nicely blend with your top, while you can try something new with your pixie. Some shaggy movement will be a good exclamation point for your extraordinary look, that’s for sure!


Extremely Short Half Shaved Pixie

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Well, that’s another way to introduce your statement to this world. Even the shortest buzz can be different once you take a creative approach to you. A curvy shaved line serves as a hard part for a super short top that is still longer than the sides. Another shaved line represents the bright individuality hiding under this brave look. Bottom line? It’s as bold as it’s beautiful.

Medium Half Shaved Head Styles

When you want to make a statement with a shaved design while having more length for selling experiments, mid-length shaved styles come in! In fact, such looks are meant to feed two birds with one scone. If you want to add some daring to your look and keep it work-appropriate, here's.

Long Bob + Undercut Design

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There are a plethora of awesome designs of half shaved head long hair can accompany. The best this is, the clean side will add a modern, punky twist while longer locks and girly hair tattoo will keep the whole look feminine.


Half Shaved Shoulder-Length Style

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To achieve smooth graduation on the sides, ask your stylist for a soft taper instead of a regular shave. As a result, you will have a very harmonic finish for your shoulder-length hair.

Half Shaved Mid-Length Style + Bangs

Short baby bangs that seamlessly blend with your shaved side are an irresistible detail that can enhance the head-turning look. Additionally, some colors and shaved lines won’t hurt.

Brown Lob With Bright Hair Tattoo

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When reading articles about lob haircuts, you are most likely to come across such a characteristic as ‘versatile’. And here you can see its versatility at its best. This half-shaved, tattooed lob changes the common image of the popular cut, nicely fitting the image of a sassy lady.


Half Shaved Long Mohawk + Bangs

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A long, vivid Mohawk with bangs is something a badass girl can’t do without when she’s about to make a statement.

Shaved Side with Long Hair Ideas

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The iconic shaved touch looks especially breathtaking on long manes. Once you sweep your locks to one side, tuck your hair behind the ears or simply put it in a ponytail, you will infuse your look with drama!

Long Hair + Undercut

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The main reason why girls are so crazy about long half shaved head hairstyles is that they bring a great visual impact despite their simplicity. At first sight, it’s just a slightly wavy mane with a faded side. Still, it looks extremely unique.


Half Shaved Head + Long Waves

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Are you ready to see the good old waves from a new angle? Get the half shaved head, wave your hair, sweep it to the side. Voila!

Long Hair + Hi-Lo Fade + Undercut

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A double fade that plays with hair transition and beautifies the wavy top, who could ask for more? Besides, the look is very voluminous, regardless of how much hair has been shaved. Isn’t that a win?

Half Shaved & Braided

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Even the most daring women who are not afraid to shave their head shouldn’t dare to forget about braids! Those cuties can make your look even more creative, keep that in mind.


Long Half Shaved Style + Edgy Design

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Here comes another stunning variation of a customized shaved style. And you know what? It’s actually one of the ideas of half shaved head short hair can complement, too. Bottom line? Half shaved designs know no limits.

Buzz & Braids

Cornrows braids always stand out in the crowd, but why don’t you intensify the visual impact? Once you buzz the sides off, you will see the power of tiny but super chic braids grow, turning into another hairstyle that will make heads turn.

Top Knot With Undercut

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A hidden undercut under your hair is the middle ground you’re looking for. Today, you want to wear a floral dress and tie a lovely braid. Tomorrow, you feel like it’s time for your ripped jeans and crazy hairstyles. With such a cut, you will be able to switch between those moods seamlessly.

Becoming that half shaved head girl that always makes heads turn and minds go crazy is quite a bold move. Well, that’s the point! The variety of half shaved hairstyles is as wide as you can imagine, so you can rock a style that perfectly matches your inner self. Now that you've seen the hottest ways to pull it off, it’s time to steal one of the today’s ideas! If you are brave enough, of course.


FAQ: Half Shaved Head

What does shaving half your head mean?

Actually, half-shaved head is the current trend in fashion.

Just consider having a full head of hair on one side and a shaved head on the other. So, if you’re reading this outline, you might be a person open to new experiments and interested in making a masterpiece out of your hair by leaving one side long and luscious and the other shaved down to the skin.

Can you hide a half shaved head?

Prepare to meet with not only doubting but also a bit shocked looks. Your shaved side may always be hidden. You can drag the longer locks forward and conceal the shaved section if you don’t want to show up with your shaved masterpiece. You can also pull your hair back into a ponytail. This is far more convenient and comfy.

Should I shave the side of my head?

Shaving your head has now become more of a conscious decision among women than ever before. As a result, the side shave you choose should stay in harmony with your personality and your style. Cutting all of your hair off and then shaving the side may actually be too severe for you if you are a more mellow and laid back type.

How do you maintain a half shaved head?

It should be maintained every three weeks.

The best approach to keep a sideshave is to ask for help of a buddy. However, if you’re confident in your abilities, you can cut through the hair that stick out with a comb.

  • Try one of these half shaved hairstyles to elevate your look in a big way. Source