A woman that wears an asymmetrical haircut knows how to enhance the beauty of her facial features, hide her flaws, and show off her sense of style. Can you call yourself such a woman? The truth is, no matter how long we sport our favorite bobs and pixies, adding something new to our styles is crucial, especially if it’s something that can enhance our beauty. So let’s talk about asymmetry!


Not only it can correct your face shape, but it also creates a seductive outweighing silhouette that makes your current cut look trendier. One of the cutest things about asymmetrical cuts is that they work fantastic for any hair length and hair type: from short wavy pixies to long layered styles. It can be an asymmetric touch to your front tresses, a throughout asymmetric style or its soft element on your fringe. In fact, it’s all up to your taste.

Your current cut is just a base for experiments, so let our ideas be your stylish inspiration. Let’s discover them all!

What Is An Asymmetrical Haircut?

by @exotismos

While some women have been rocking asymmetrical haircuts for years, others still have no idea what they are. So, what does asymmetrical haircut mean and what does an asymmetrical haircut look like, after all? In fact, everything is pretty simple. As the name of such cuts suggests, an asymmetrical haircut is a cut where one side is longer, and the other is shorter. Basically, there’s no universal look of the cut, as you can add a touch of asymmetry to anything from a pixie to a lob.


How Do You Cut Asymmetrical Hair?

There are a lot of ways to spice up your haircut with asymmetry. You can create a huge drama with length contrasts, as well as add just a soft feel of imbalance nicely blended through layers. In case you’re wondering how the asymmetry is created or want to take your DIY chances, we’ve prepared a pro tutorial to showcase the basics of getting an asymmetrical cut.

  1. First of all, your stylist will create the first cut that will be the cutting guide.
  2. Then, he or she will brush all your hair to the back, and then section off a half-inch piece of hair from the hairline back to the nape.
  3. Next, your stylist will over-direct this section up and cut it straight.
  4. Then, he or she will make another section, overdirecting it to the previous one and cutting it in the same way.
  5. Moving along the head shape and going left to right from the hairline down to the nape, your stylist will part the hair.
  6. Then, grabbing half-inch sections, he or she will go on cutting them toward the previous section.
  7. To work at the front, your stylist will over-direct all your hair to the first cut section.
  8. For the bottom, he or she will put the comb at a slight angle, and create an asymmetrical body in a point-cutting technique.
  9. After that, your stylist will probably want to add some movement to your hair by deep point-cutting the ends.
  10. Finally, the stylist will connect all sections by slight point cutting.

Pixie Asymmetrical Haircuts

Pixies go hand in hand with the charm of asymmetry, that's why hairstylists gave life to another type of pixie cuts. Despite being pretty short, pixies come as a huge canvas for experiments when playing with asymmetry. And now you're going to see the hottest looks ever!


Classic Short Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts do make ladies look younger, making their hair look well-groomed at the same time. Short haircuts, on the one hand, are meant for those who can easily show up without any insecurities. But in the case of this particular idea, those who want to feel confident about their appearance should opt for it. Though this classic short pixie opens up your face, it doesn’t reveal your flaws such as a round face or wrinkled forehead. Instead, asymmetry does the talking in a slightly another way. It elongates your face, thus setting the focus to your eyes.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Deep Side Part

by @juliana.key

Since you flaunt with a pixie cut, why don’t you make it more eye-catching and attractive? A deep side part that lets one of the sides outweigh the other, giving it a dramatic silhouette, is something that makes everything sexier. Also, it’s actually an example of a flattering asymmetrical pixie cut for a round face. Extraordinary body and the fullness of the heavier side make your round face look visually longer and hence more attractive.


Cute Messy Long Pixie For Thin Hair

Many modern hairstylists claim that for thin and straight hair, it’s better to go for short haircuts and style them messily. The point is that messiness in a hairstyle makes it look more alive, more textured, and more voluminous. Nobody likes when hair falls flat, right? So here is one of the asymmetrical pixie styles for thin locks: the asymmetry makes everything more fascinating, while the messily styled top gets the most out of weak hair.

Curly Pixie With Undercut For Thick Hair

by @tedrachonte

Here comes the loveliest variation of the asymmetrical pixie cut for thick hair: we can’t help ourselves when we see a curly chevelure, can you? All the girls with curly hair go through seven circles of styling hell every day just to tame their thick and bouncy locks. Well, this idea will make everything more manageable: the short, a bit asymmetric top will create a seductive and very comfortable look, and short sides of the undercut will give you a feeling of neatness.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie

Don’t feel like going too short? Pixie has many variations, and its longer style is absolutely cute! Apart from changing your haircut to an entirely new and trendy look, you can spice it up with some bold colors. In this pic, you can see how a daring, very definite asymmetry looks like, and how it changes the way you look. When this asymmetrical haircut is paired with awesome, head-turning hair color, it turns into a look to steal.


Asymmetrical Shag Haircut

This shaggy and asymmetrical hair look seems to be the mixture of two striking masterpieces. The unbelievable movement of this layered shag and the charm of the asymmetrical haircut create a very effortless an chic style. Girls with square faces will love the way this cut balances out the whole look, drawing attention from their prominent jawline.

Asymmetrical Pixie-Bob With Shaved Side

by @lizpaintshair

Asymmetry has come to this world to make you look different, remember? So if you plan to leave your hairdresser with a haircut that stands out in the crowd, this pixie bob will be your best friend. You may remember it as a sharp, well-balanced, and voluminous haircut rocked by sophisticated and elegant women. Still, the cut can be different, adapting to all your hair needs. You can pair it with an undercut to add some restless vibes to it and finish everything with a daring touch of asymmetry. Just let your creativity fly!

Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut Bangs


Side Bangs With Feathered Top

Asymmetrical Pixie With Temple Shave

Bob Asymmetrical Haircuts

A bob is a classic with which a woman can look great no matter what, as well as experiment to her heart's content. And when it comes to diversifying classics, asymmetry is the best way to play around.


Medium Length Asymmetrical Haircut

by @hairgod_zito

How do you like this short to medium graduation? Medium haircuts express both charm and versatility. It’s no secret that with such a length you can create any hairstyle you want: it’s the happy medium between long and short lengths. Look at this pic: only asymmetrical haircut can give you such a dramatic lift and make waves look that attractive. If you have no idea how to style your medium hair, don’t cut it: add some overbalance.

Asymmetrical Straight Short Bob

Bob hairstyles are one of the most flattering ones as they help us to freshen up our appearance and make the accent on our most beautiful features. Just have a look at this asymmetrical straight short bob. If you choose it as your hairstyle you will see how the way it is cut will change your style and how gorgeous it will be on you.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Now, it’s time to talk about the asymmetric side of the popular bob haircut. This blonde asymmetrical bob is here to take a fresh look at your image of this common cut: the asymmetry that goes throughout the whole cut gives a stunning silhouette to the ends, creating a nice contrast of lengths.


Side Parted Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Getting a side-swept bob is an excellent way to create a voluminous and balanced hairstyle. One of the sides, which is longer than the other, is swept to give a lift to the crown. In this way, hair looks full and tidy, as a little touch of overbalance breathes new life into the familiar cut.

Blonde Straight Asymmetrical Bob

If you want to make the charm of asymmetry work for your straight fine hair, don’t forget about sharp layers at the ends and crown. This cutting trick will make your mane more manageable and lifted, as well as intensify the asymmetrical structure of your haircut. Also, to enhance the natural movement created by layers and the imbalanced silhouette, you can finish the look with the latest combination of blonde shades. A well-blended balayage is always a win-win choice for those who want to get the most of their hair transformations.

Auburn Straight Asymmetrical Bob

Wondering how an asymmetrical haircut looks on non-layered hair? First of all, it will look different. In a good way, of course! To be more exact, the structure will be more precise, which is a wonderful idea for thick hair that needs to be whipped into good shape. Bob haircuts have always been the best weapon for thick locks, and if you want to step out of your comfort zone and rock something uncommon, asymmetry will do the trick.


Black Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

In this world, the scenario where bangs are a bad idea doesn’t even exist! Obviously, every girl should choose bangs based on her individual features to achieve the best results. As for this idea, it will flatter girls with broad foreheads or those who’d like to give it some frame visually. Needless to say, the way the asymmetrical haircut accentuates this cute fringe look is just to die for.

Asymmetrical Lob With Bangs

by @_rockyourhead

Asymmetrical cuts create an illusion of messy hair that is so popular nowadays. Would you like to look fresh and super stylish? Then this asymmetrical lob with bangs is your idea to try. Bangs bring so much charm when they are done with such cuts. Easy, romantic and charming.

Asymmetrical Curly Lob

Girls with curly hair should definitely consider trying a bob hairstyle, an asymmetrical lob in particular. The texture of curly hair will let you create such beautiful hairstyles without you putting much effort on a daily basis. Isn`t that perfect? Relaxed looking and super stylish it is.


Volumetric Asymmetrical A-line Bob

A-line bob gives a totally new definition for volume, taking your hair to the next level. It’s probably the most ravishing and effective way to tame unruly fine hair and give a well-groomed look to it. The hair on the back is relatively short, which provides a great lift to the crown. As for the front locks, the length gradually becomes longer. And when it’s combined with a tasteful asymmetry, it becomes one of the best short asymmetrical haircuts for round faces, as it forms a face-framing effect.

Stylish Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Just imagine what a fabulous look you can get with layers that form an asymmetric body. When you feel bored with your bob, it means that it needs an asymmetric detail. Look how gorgeously these lovely waves fall on one another, and how fascinating it looks with the slide of lengths. Plus, asymmetrical styles can perfectly flatter your face shape, no matter what it is: the front waves will either frame your round face or round up the prominent angles of your square face.

Choppy Asymmetrical Haircut

Asymmetrical bob haircuts can be as different as you want: this customized cut is the result of a stylish and creative approach. A bit messy, choppy silhouette gets more attractive when you look at its bright ends. With such a stunning cut, there’s no way you won’t be in the spotlight.


Asymmetrical Wavy Medium Length Haircut

Another medium length idea that you should think of trying is an asymmetrical wavy haircut. Waves change the whole hairstyle, making it look super fresh and romantic, so imagine it on a beautifully cut asymmetrical hair? Wow!

Asymmetrical Sleek Bob + Undercut

This idea is undoubtedly the idea of now, so those who want to keep up with trends won’t pass by this asymmetrical bob 2018. Everything is on point: the color, the texture, the style. The sleek look reveals each of the stylish hues of this asymmetrical cut, while the cleanly shaved sides of the undercut make a real statement. If you’re bold enough for mixing trends, copy this look right now!

Chic Angled Asymmetrical Haircut

Angled cuts are the never-ending trend. You saw it when you were a child on your mom’s friends, and now you can see it literally on every second teen or lady. Some things just don’t age, and such things are called classic. How about you to diversify the classic? Asymmetrical hairstyles will be your inspiration! Angled haircuts are initially asymmetrical, and this styling idea where waves are changing their direction by each lock is a real thing!


Asymmetrical A-line Medium Length Haircut

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If you are not ready for dramatic changes, like cutting your hair into a super short bob, then think of getting an a-line medium length haircut. Its length will let you create a lot of different hairstyles on a daily basis, but even while let down it will look absolutely stunning with the way it is cut.

Messy Asymmetrical Waves

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Long Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

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Elongated Shaggy Bob

Asymmetrical Inverted Wavy Bob

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Long Asymmetrical Haircuts

Even though asymmetry looks sharp and edgy on short hair, its long versions also deserve your attention.


Long Layered Asymmetrical Haircut

We won’t leave girls with long hair without inspiration! There’s one way that can change the look of your long locks once and for all: this layered cut. Nothing emphasizes the awesomeness of layers better than long asymmetrical haircuts, as each layer is absolutely seeable. This asymmetry also gives a beautifying framing effect, so now you know how to deal with face shape insecurities.

Asymmetrical A-line Wavy Long Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/amrahkennedy

Don`t think that asymmetrical cuts are only done on short or medium hair. If you are not ready to say goodbye to your length but would love to experiment with it a bit, this idea is perfect for you. Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in an asymmetrical a-line and you will be shocked at how good the results will be.

Since you’ve just explored the world of the incredible asymmetrical haircut and got to know how beneficial it is, it’s time for you to get it a try! Our ideas indeed deserve to be real. Therefore, don’t hesitate to experiment and bring one of them to life. You won't go wrong with them, after all!

FAQ: Asymmetrical Haircut

Is asymmetric cut in style?

Short asymmetrical haircuts are popular now, and long, extended asymmetrical styles are more uncommon. However, if you have long hair, the cut is worth experimenting with. You may instantly obtain a trendy look by simply cutting one side of your hair shorter.

What do you call an uneven haircut?

Consider this cut equivalent of the Rock & Roll hairstyles. It’s called Asymmetrical exactly for that reason: it is asymmetrical, which implies one side of your hair is longer than the other. The bolder the cut, the more significant the difference in length from side to side will be.

What does asymmetrical bob mean?

Shorter in length, an asymmetrical bob with one side longer and the other side shorter. This everstylish haircut which is making a major comeback this year, suits many face shapes and hair textures without too much care and maintenance.

  • Common examples for short hair include asymmetrical bobs, either straight or wavy, and asymmetrical pixie cuts. Source