Ways To Take Your Black Ombre Hair To The Next Level

Black ombre hair comes right in when you decide that you want to go for a dramatic change. Yet, it may get confusing on what to do and what will suit you best. Not to mention that you may be at a loss regarding the latest trends. That is where we come in! We hope you’ll enjoy the latest and trendiest suggestions gathered here!


Purple Black Ombre

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Silver ombre hair is quite popular these days. And there is no wonder why. Just one look at this black to gray transition can make you speechless! Besides, different length looks different, and that is a great advantage, too.


Black to Brown Ombre

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If you consider black and blonde hair combination, then there is a good suggestion for you in store. It is hard to believe but ash blonde combined with black looks super trendy. Besides, no commitment is involved.

Cool Black Ombre

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If you are looking for something edgy yet elegant, then the combination of fire and earth is totally for you. The black fading into red will create that charming look everyone seeks for.


Highlighted Black Hair

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If you are still wondering whether you should or shouldn’t go for something dramatic, then brown ombre is totally for you. The black to brown transition is very subtle, not to mention that it looks gorgeous.

Cold and Warm Black Ombre

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We couldn’t leave out those who are in love with all the bright colors that are trending these days, by the way. The combination of purple and black looks not only unusual but also very feminine.


Bright Colors on Black Hair

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Bring some fun to your black locks by adding bold colors. More subtle shades will rock no worse.

Black Ombre to Try

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Black ombre looks especially gorgeous if you wave your hair a little. Thus, every hue will sparkle.

Black & Dark Red

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Nothing can compare to seductively bright red shades when it comes to enhancing the depth of profound black colors. You can apply them as a saturated ombre to create some drama on your hair, play around with reddish pastels for a more harmonic look, and even create your own mix of red, orange, and pink shades to put the icing on your black cake.

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