Amazing Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Looks

Brown hair with blonde highlights brings out the personality of every woman by highlighting her best features. It also has a vast room for creativiity and different experiments.


If you have brown hair, you can make it look very interesting and trendy by adding some highlights. Check out these ideas now and get inspired to create your dream look today!

Long Brown Hair

Source: jesstheebesttcolor via Instagram

Long hair always looks very feminine. You can emphasize your femininity even more by highlighting your hair tips with golden warm color. Wear a dress, and you are ready to be the queen of the evening.


Medium Length Hair

Source: shereeknobel_bixiecolour via Instagram

Medium length hair is quite easy to take care of, - that’s why it’s perfect for the majority of women. Turn some hair streaks into a golden color, and your appearance will take that sunny light look and will make everyone around smile.

Blonde Face Frame

Source: chelseahaircutters via Instagram

Such look is good for women with either round or oval face. The layers would frame the oval face making it look even more beautiful; and if you have the layers cut from the chin, - your round face will take a more oval form. Add some blonde highlights, and you are ready to rock the scene.


Warm Blonde Colors on Brown Hair

Source: dillahajhair via Instagram

Add the warmth to you brown hair by making these beautiful warm-colored highlights, so that even during rainy and cold weather your hair will shine!

Layered Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

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Are you striving to achieve more creative and casual look? Then go for a layered messy haircut with some blonde highlights! It’s a perfect look for free-spirited creative ladies!


Cute Blonde Highlights on Natural Brown Hair

Source: candybomb1 via Instagram

Blonde highlights on natural brown hair look simply cute! Besides, this look is good for a woman of any age, so no matter whether you are in your 20s or 40s, you’ll appear very trendy and positive to everyone around!

Honey Brunette Melt

Source: brendakamt via Instagram

Let your long hair fall naturally and as you walk everyone would pay attention to it. To have even a more stunning look, you could gradually highlight it going from darker to lighter blonde, so that it will look as if the honey started slowly melting on your hair.

Brown Hair Bob with Golden Locks

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Make your bob haircut stand out by having beautiful golden locks throughout your brown hair. It will look as if the sun touched you on your head, - amazing, isn’t it?


Beautiful Brown Tiger Hair Color

Source: mariohenriqueoficial via Instagram

Is your hair wavy? Then you are very lucky. Make your waves stand out by highlighting them with the beautiful golden color, and your hair will look unspeakably gorgeous.

Deep Brown Hair Color and Blonde Highlights

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Brown hair with blonde highlights always looks very interesting no matter whether you have long or short hair. Experiment with the hair color palette to have a perfect look. If you have deep brown hair color, you could add ash blonde highlights for a more contrasting effect or go with golden hue for a more smooth transition.