Apart from his brilliant performance as a baseball player, Bryce Harper has gained recognition for his exceptional sense of style: today, Bryce Harper hair is a calling card of pure stylishness and panache.


On the field, he is known as the younger All-Start player who was chosen as the No. 2 corner outfielder in the MLB by baseball pros. Off the field, he is a trendsetter whose unrepeatable style inspires men from all over the world as much as his play does.

Here, we’ve selected the most iconic looks rocked by the big sports star. And you know what? You don’t need to be a sportsman to recreate them!

Long Top + Short Sides

Long Top and Short Sides Haircut
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

There’s no need to tell you that Bryce Harper long hair has changed the common picture of the undercut, taking a short-sides-long-top look to a whole new level. Whatever style he goes for is kept with tons of height and texture. Combined with his thick, yet outlined beard, this haircut forms a very presentable and masculine look to show up at the red carpet.

What makes the look so balanced is the graduation of lengths just like in crew cut haircut look. The way his full beard graduates into a well-groomed shape goes well with the way his voluminous top balances out the tight sides. The player has a very thick and dense hair texture, which requires regular trimming and upkeep from all perspectives.


Short Hairstyle

Short Brice Harper's Hairstyle
Source: Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Some fans may even remember Bryce Harper short hair and no-beard look from the beginning of his brilliant career. Well, this pic is actually proof that every hair type needs an individual approach to look its best. With this simple short cut, the player looks like a totally different person, but we can’t tell that it makes him look worse: here, he just hasn’t revealed the potential of his mighty hair.

Now, he obviously has a more virile and masculine appearance, whatever beard choice he is up to. By the way, it’s hard to believe that this guy with an unpretentious cut is the same guy who made Bryce Harper silver hair a trend with men. See! Nothing stops you to switch from your regular look to something head-turning.

Side Part Hairstyle And Beard

Side Part Hairstyle And Beard
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Now, let’s finally discuss the overwhelming Bryce Harper hair flip which he made a signature of his style. Starting with an undercut, the player brushes the back to achieve as much texture and visual height as possible. In this way, he doesn’t only creates a look to remember but he also tames his unruly texture. A moderate beard is a splendid finish for such a sophisticated look that nicely complements his red-carpet suit.

The main reason why Bryce keeps his top at a longer length lies in the variety of styling options. He loves to experiment with the texture on top, rocking anything from slicked-back and textured to sleek, side-parted and even wavy.


How To Get Bryce Harper Hair

Now, you are probably wondering how to recreate those jaw-dropping looks brought by Bryce. The good news is, his hairstyles are anything but complicated. Still, there are some tips to follow to achieve that all-star look.

  • Get an undercut with a perfectly outlined sides and sideburns.
  • Let your top grow long, maintaining the neatness of the sides as it grows out.
  • If your hair grows too slowly and scarcely, adjust your diet for better hair growth or consider going for a medium style.
  • Make sure to have good products that provide extra hold, shape, and height to your hair.
  • To style, apply a softening pomade on your damp hair and start brushing the top with one hand and holding the dryer with the other.
  • Once you set the desired height, enhance the texture with semi-shine hair gel.
  • When growing out your facial hair, use beard oil every day to enhance the hair growth and fill in patches if needed.
  • Avoid bushy looks: outline and shape your beard, ensuring it hits the neckline and jawline.
  • Don’t forget to connect your beard with your sideburns with a smooth taper.

Bryce Harper hair is a living example of how simplicity meets masculinity. This man has found his own style, making it a trend that is never going to fade away. The best thing is that every man who’s impressed by his hairstyle choices can easily recreate all of them. Now that you know how the famous baseball player styles his hair, it’s time for you to take your look to the next level!

FAQ: Bryce Harper Hair

Why did Bryce Harper cut his hair?

After being excluded from Saturday’s game for arguing with an official, the famous Philadelphia Phillies outfielder decided to cut his hair. Harper’s hair was notably shorter when the Phillies played the Mets in the third game of their series on Sunday.

What kind of hair does Bryce Harper have?

Bryce Harper looks truly masculine with thick wavy hair and a beard. It will be tough to reproduce his wavy, textured pattern if you have straight hair.