Although the rise of bearded aesthetics dates back to ancient times where men wouldn’t use beard oil to grow those thick and dense facial styles, it could make their beard routine way easier. On your way to grow facial hair, you may come across numerous beard care products suggested everywhere, as well as come up with loads of questions caused by their variety.


In fact, oil for beards is a quintessential part of growing not only virile but also a healthy facial style. Despite its importance, some men still don’t use it. And we’re here to show you what they’re missing out. Discover conditioning and strengthening benefits of beard oil that can help you get a beard you didn’t ever dream to rock.

What Is Beard Oil?

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“What is beard oil, after all?” you may ask yourself when standing in the grooming aisle. As the name suggests, this oil is designed and specifically formulated to help men take care of their facial hair. It has a light moisturizing texture intended to keep a man's beard conditioned and fresh, preventing dryness, hair loss, and itchiness. Most oils are scented, which makes mustache, dense stubble, and beard styles smell good all day long.


Benefits: What Does Beard Oil Do?

Benefits What Does Beard Oil Do #beardoil #products
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Then goes another question popping in your mind - “what does beard oil do exactly?”. First off, its main aim is hydration, and besides facial hair, they provide the needed hydration to the skin beneath, promoting softer hair growth. Needless to say, this benefit comes in handy for styling and shaping facial hair, as oils make it manageable, soft to touch, and shiny.

Plus, you can find lots of different brands of beard growth oil that contain organic and nourishing ingredients enhancing facial hair growth.

Can beard oil grow a beard? Definitely, but only if you combine its use with a good, protein-rich diet.

Are beard products worth it? It has been proven that regular use of such products improves hair growth and contributes to healthier hair. In other words, you won’t ever go wrong with them.

Besides providing intense hydration and contributing to softer and denser facial hair, beard oils can boost better hair growth.

Does Beard Oil Work On Patchy Beards?

Having read about hair growth benefits of facial hair oils, many men ask themselves “does beard oil work for a patchy beard?’’. And that’s a good question though! Patches may appear in your life for many reasons: some of them are connected with health issues and others come with your genes. Whatever the cause is, without the proper care for your brittle and wiry facial hair, you can only exacerbate the problem. Luckily for you, organically-composed, alcohol-free oil and natural beard balm can help you deal with the trouble, taming your facial hairs and setting the growing direction for new ones.


Does Beard Oil Work on No Beard?

Despite the common misconception, the right time to start using oils is not when you already have a dense masterpiece down to your chest. Due to the growth-stimulating and moisturizing properties of this facial hair care product, it’s better to incorporate it into your routine once a mere stubble shows up. In this way, you can make your potential beard grow healthy and soft from the start, thus keeping it away from breakage.

How Should Beard Oil Be Used For Beginners?

If you don’t know how to apply beard oil for the first time, these basic steps will help you out.

  1. Squeeze the applicator to fill it with the product, making only one squeeze.
  2. Then, squeeze a couple of drops in the palms of your hands.
  3. Rub the product in the palms for even distribution.
  4. Massage the oil deeply into your beard, working against your hair throughout your all your facial hair.
  5. If you have a mustache, twizzle the oil through your fingers and flatten the hair with the help of a comb.
  6. Wash your hands and let the oil soak.


When Should I Use Beard Oil?

  • If your hair is dry and prone to breakage, conditioning your beard with oil will help you to restore the balance
  • If you struggle with an unmanageable and thick hair type, softening oil is the best solution to tame those hairs
  • When you want to rock an immaculate and smart beard look, oil is the first product to invest in
  • If you aim to avoid unruly and uneven hair pattern, don’t forget about oil

The best time for applying oil to your facial hair is right after washing your face - the time when your pores are open to absorb the oil at their best.


How Much Beard Oil Should I Take?

While beards can be of different lengths and densities, there’s no need to apply more than three oil drops. In fact, it’s one of the ‘a little goes a long way’ products, so you can easily spread a couple of drops through your facial mane.

Don’t squeeze too much product so as not to get a greasy look. For short and medium beards, two or three drops will do best. As for longer styles, they may require from 5 to 10 drops.

How To Apply Beard Oil The Right Way

How To Apply Beard Oil The Right Way #beardoil #products
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Although it’s hard to imagine oiling a beard went wrong, there are still some things you should keep in mind:

  • Remember to always apply the product on your freshly washed beard. Of course, it should be washed with shampoo specifically formulated for facial hair.
  • Dry your beard completely before applying the oil.
  • It’s better to work the product in your hair with a comb to ensure even spreading of the oil.


Should I Wash Out Beard Oil?

Washing your face and washing your beard aren’t the same things. While you should wash your face every day, 2-3 times a week for your beard would be enough. Frequent beard washing can lead to dryness of your facial hair and skin under it. Beard oils soak deeply into skin and hair follicles, which means they don’t leave a residue that you need to wash out. Wash your facial hair starting with 2 times per week to maintain moisture and manageability.

How Many Times A Day Should You Use Beard Oil?

When you become familiar with the wonder-working benefits of oils for facial hair, the following question comes up - ‘should I use beard oil every day?’. And this question definitely makes sense, as this product is soaked pretty fast. Although it depends on your texture and how active you are during the day, there’s a basic rule to apply the oil twice a day. Apply beard oil after the morning shower and before going to bed.

How Many Times a Day Should I Comb My Beard?

Even if you love when your beard is well-groomed and perfectly brushed, don’t comb it more than one time a day. Otherwise, you will damage your facial hair. On the other hand, men with thicker hair types can use their combs not more than 3-5 times a day to avoid over combing and hair loss.


Which Beard Oil Is The Best For Me?

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Every beardo has his own image of the best beard oil, which he gets by going through trial and error. Still, there’s one hint that can give you the needed shortcut: be attentive to the ingredients list. No matter how loud a brand’s slogan and how high its price, the composition is what will do the talking.

The first ingredient listed is used most, and the last one is used the least. You need to make sure that your product contains organic oils like argan or jojoba as the first ingredient listed. Also, barbers recommend avoiding products claiming to contain vitamin E. If the oil is based on natural oils, it already contains the vitamin.

The right beard oil has a universal and pretty short composition with argan or jojoba oil as the main ingredient, containing no extra additives.


Does Beard Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Though natural oils don’t have negative side effects, there are some scenarios when they can cause itchiness, dryness, and even acne. It may only happen if you have nut allergies or buy a poorly designed product. Some oils can be nut-based, so be careful reading the ingredient list thoroughly. Cheap oils may contain synthetic fragrances with a big amount of castor oil which may irritate skin and clog pores, leading to acne.

Diy Beard Oil Recipe

Now, it’s time to take an individual approach to your masculine beard. Some men prefer to spend a lot of money on pricey products to ensure they use the good stuff. At the same time, others compose their products themselves! If you love the idea of DIY beard oil, here’s an easy beard oil recipe to tailor your care product based on your needs and preferences.

Can you use coconut oil instead? Yes, you can. But, coconut oil alone won’t be that beneficial, so you can make it the main ingredient of your own homemade beard oil. Besides, this oil is what we all have on hand.

Here’s how you can make your beard care oil!


  • Oil base: it can be any essential oil you prefer.
  • 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to maintain cleanliness
  • not more than 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to promote hair growth
  • 2-3 drops of cedarwood essential oil to prevent itchiness
  • Amber dropper bottle

How to:

  1. Start with the base oil and fill the dropper bottle up 3/4 of the way.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of each essential oil.
  3. For more nourishment, you can fill the rest of the bottle with vitamin E oil.
  4. Leave some room to make sure the dropper top can fit without spillage.

Oiling your beard is an essential part of your beard care routine. When growing out facial hair, there are tons of things to consider. And the right care products are the first thing you should pay attention to. Our post is meant to make your beard basics path easier. Today, you’ve learned everything a man should know to get the most of his facial hair. Now that you know what beard oil is, how to apply beard oil, and how to choose the best one for you, your facial hair is in good hands.


FAQ: Beard Oil

Do beard oils actually work?

Beard oils haven’t been scientifically shown to help you grow out your beard. According to some questionable information in the Internet, some essential oils present in beard oils may enhance beard hair growth. Ylang ylang, lemon and other antioxidant-rich essential oils are among them.

Should I oil my beard everyday?

Experts from the Florida Barber Academy say that beard oils should be used every morning after you’ve washed your face. If you live in a dry climate zone, add a few more drops of a beard oil later in the day or right before going to bed. It is also good to start using beard oils once you start growing your beard.